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King Me!


LeBron James has led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a first round sweep, of long-time rival, The Detroit Pistons.  The Pistons entered this year's tournament, appearing in 6 consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, with a 7th in mind.  Behind a near James triple double, erased were both the Pistons' hopes, as well as any doubters about this year's Cavs team.  James averaged 32 pts, 11 reb, & 7.5 ast throughout the series, winning 3 of 4 games by a double digit margin.  Still not a believer?  One would think their 39-2 home record in the regular season would be enough to silence any critics, still no?  What about the addition of all-star Point Guard, Maurice "Mo," Williams, and how he's been the X-factor in the Cavs' storybook season, still no?  While all these factors are legit arguments in favor of the Cavs' season this year, none are the real reason behind it. 


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The two things that have the Cleveland Cavaliers playing so well this year, LeBron James developed that "Killer Instinct," that only Great Players possess.  LeBron has learned how to win, and how to do so, making a statement.  Cleveland has been virtually unbeatable at home this season, and have won many games, with James sitting out a majority of the 4th quarter of many games.  The other factor behind their success, the fact that they have a childlike love for playing with one another, which shows on the court.  The Cavs have returned the sense of fun to the game of basketball, as it can be seen in their pre-game rituals.  Often you can find the Cavs posing for fake pictures, or acting out some sort of comedic routine before taking care of business on the court.  This type of team camaraderie cannot be found within each NBA Franchise, but is very evident, and entertaining, with this team.  Through this new-found chemistry, the Cavs have not only learned how to win, but see and believe themselves to be winners, which is crucial in today's game.  The Cavs take the court each night expecting to win, and do so in a fashion that leaves on-lookers in awe.  It was evident that this season would be a special one, for the sure to be named MVP, LeBron James.  However, expecting this team to be this good, so soon, has been a pleasant surprise.  With all the talk of next summer's free agency class at the beginning of this year, one almost wishes it would never come.  We're now in the summer of 2009, and from the looks of it, it's looking like it's just begun for the Cleveland Cavaliers!


by Steve Rivers
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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