Quantcast 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers: 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers have won 6 straight playoff games


Six and Ohh!


The Cleveland Cavaliers have upped their win total to six straight victories, with a game two defeat of the Atlanta Hawks, 105-85.  What's more impressive, is the fact that Cleveland is averaging these victories by almost 20 points!  Entering the fourth quarter of Thursday's game, the Cavs found themselves ahead by 30 points, which is beginning to become routine for the #1 seed.  The lead allowed LeBron James to sit the entire fourth quarter, while his teammates brought it home.  While James led the way with 27 points, there were four other teammates that reached double digits scoring.  After Game 1's embarrassing loss, I expected the Hawks to come out swinging from the gate.  However, it's become very evident that they are a team, demoralized.  The Hawks came into the game missing two key components, in Al Horford, and Marvin Williams.  Williams (wrist), and Horford (ankle), are pieces to this Hawks team that very difficult to replace, if missing.  Evidence in their absence, would be the combined 29 points, by Bibby, Johnson, & Smith, nearly a carbon copy of Game 1's performance.  To add insult to injury, the Hawks lost their Go-To man, in Joe Johnson, with a severely sprained ankle. 



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Joe Johnson is the team's leading scorer, and one of the veteran leaders in the back-court with Mike Bibby.  This rash of injuries doesn't bode well at all for Atlanta's confidence, as it looks like they will be without Johnson for the remainder of the series.  The lack of confidence on the Atlanta bench doesn't just come along with the point differential with each game.  What has been a thorn in the side of Atlanta is the fun and enthusiasm that the Cavs are playing with.  Aside from the theatrics in the pre-game ceremonies by the Cavs, they celebrate with each exciting play, and 90% of the time, the bench is full of smiles.  The laughing, and joking on the sidelines, not only boosts the confidence of the Cavs, it takes all the fun out of the Hawks as a whole.  Atlanta thrives off of the fast break, and high flying offensive plays.  But with each turnover, bad or blocked shot, the team's morale sinks further and further, which resonates on the scoreboard.  The Cavs aren't making these games competitive at all, and typically have fans changing the channel by the end of the 3rd quarter.  The series now shifts to Atlanta, where one can only assume, that a change in scenery would mean a change in the on-court play.  However, with LeBron ending the first quarter on a reverse two hand dunk, and then following it up with a half court buzzer beater, any life that Atlanta ever shows, seems to quickly come to an end.  An MVP Performance like this, coupled with incredible team chemistry, topped off with sideline celebration with every amazing play, you'll get the near 50 point deficit, which is the Cleveland-Atlanta Series.



by Steve Rivers
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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