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Tale of 2 Halves


The 2nd Round series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks has become somewhat redundant.  The Cavs and Hawks have become accustomed to a highly competitive first half of games, which is what was expected throughout this series.  Then we see the Cavs sort of come to their senses, clamp down on the Hawks, which ultimately results in a blowout victory.  This most recent victory may have taken all the fight that may have been left in Atlanta, as their star shooting guard, Joe Johnson, toughed out a severely sprained ankle only to fall short.  The Hawks saw heroic attempts from Johnson, Horford, and Marvin Williams in game 3, only to fall short of their first win in the series.  All three players were dealing with lingering injuries, however, decided to play through them in hopes that would inspire the rest of the team to play harder than they have all season.  In the first half, this inspiration held true, with the Hawks only down by one point at the half.  It was during halftime, that there was the doubt that the most dominant team in the playoffs would taste their first loss of the playoffs.  The slight sense of hope and inspiration on the parts of the Hawks continued through the 3rd quarter as well, as they only faced a 7 point deficit at the end of the 3rd quarter as well.  A single digit deficit in this series, is an accomplishment in itself, seeing as how some of the margins have exceeded 30 points, in favor of Cleveland.  While this game seemed to be much more competitive, the score was not as indicative, with Cleveland winning 97-82.  Cleveland got its most trying effort from Atlanta, and dealt it a 15 point defeat, behind LeBron's 47 point eruption.  Withstanding Atlanta's best punch, there is no doubt that this series should come to an end, in Game 4.




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While Cleveland has been the most impressive team in this year's playoffs, especially being the only undefeated team in the tournament.  The team that seemed to be on a collision course to meet them in this year's finals, the L.A. Lakers, have been showing chinks in their armor.  The Lakers seemed to be the consensus pick to make it to the NBA Finals, and also to emerge the victor.  I for one, agreed with that particular match-up, however, the Lakers lack what the Cavs have, team chemistry.  It's sounding like a broken record, but this is holding very true in this year's playoffs.  Another example of this chemistry would be the, "Other," impressive team in the playoffs, The Denver Nuggets.  Chauncey Billups has been an enormous difference maker for the character on that Denver team.  The Nuggets, like Cleveland, play team defense, and genuinely gel as a cohesive unit.  There's a difference in how the Nuggets and Cavs play, versus the Lakers.  With the Lakers, they seem to approach the games with much more of a business, serious mindset, which seems like an air-tight style of play.  The Nuggets and Cavs seem to approach the game with a child-like style of play, and it shows on the court.  Throughout the game, you can always catch an outburst of laughter and total team celebration, when an amazing play takes place, with these teams.  The make-ups of the teams are slightly different, but each feature two fellow classmates, in LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony.  These two, along with Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade, will always be tied to each other, and constantly compared in accomplishments.  While Wade has achieved the greatest team success, already with a championship, Melo or LeBron seem to be destined to hoist the same trophy this season.  These two teams are proof that sometimes talent, cannot supplant genuine team chemistry, and love for the game. 



by Steve Rivers
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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