Quantcast Cavs prepare for 6 game road trip


Cavaliers get ready for 6 games in 10 days



In the next 10 days, the Cavs will get to visit the birthplace of Elvis, try a slice of deep dish Chicago pizza if they wish, mingle with some of the stars in L.A, visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and check out the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake city, but this isn’t the kind of trip in which they ought to bring cameras with them. Instead, the Cavs will need hardhats, and with six road games squeezed into the next 11 days, there will probably be little time for any of the aforementioned sightseeing. The NBA schedule doesn’t allow a lot of time for milling around the various cities, and it also doesn’t allow them a lot of time to feel too good about the big win at home against the Celtics Friday night.

Question is, will all the backslapping and “atta boys!” the past few days have an effect on Tuesday night’s game when the Cavs play at the Memphis Grizzlies? Cleveland has risen up to the challenge all year against sub -500 teams. Those games ARE a challenge. Cleveland is an elite team, and it’s getting everyone’s best shot. Many of those cities only see the Cavs once a year, and they get larger than normal crowds with LeBron in town, so they more than likely want to put on a show for them.

The Grizzlies feature rookie phenom OJ Mayo, who leads the team in scoring with 19.7 points per game. Rudy Gay can also fill up the stat sheet, as the athletic wing player tosses in 19.1 points per game. Marc Gasol has been a nice interior presence as a rookie, averaging 11.4 points per game and a team high 7 rebounds per game. Memphis, though, has been a struggling team over the past month, as the organization is clearly in rebuilding mode after shedding veterans such as Pau Gasol and Mike Miller in the past year.


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Life is good in Cleveland. They have never been this good, this poised, and this confident, and to beat Boston by 15 without the services of Zydrunas Ilgauskas surprised a lot of people. However, the bullseye on the backs of the Cavaliers just grew that much larger. Everyone wants a piece of them. The way LeBron James has elevated his game to even greater heights, as he is attacking not only offensively, but being a force defensively, the way that Mo Williams and Delonte West have combined to be one of the best backcourts in the NBA, the way that Ben Wallace has intimidated defensively, and the way that JJ Hickson has stepped up, demonstrates that they appear to be ready for the challenge.


by Michael Hammons
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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