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Celtics Update


After the wins in Auburn Hills,Mich against their archrival Pistons and the win at home against the Toronto Raptors, one of the top five teams in the eastern conference, the Boston Celtics fans are feeling very strong about their chances in having another championship title, especially after defeating the Pistons on their home court. Allen Iverson's debut at his new home, in both games the Celtics showed their strength, but in different ways. At Detroit the Celtics bench scored 43 points and the starters 45, making a case that even without their last season best bench player James Posey, they still a strong team and one of the top 4 contenders to win the title, even with all the buzz around the Lakers and their new combination of Bynum and Gasol playing together and of course Kobe as one of the best overall player in the league.

Boston Celtics hats Its no question that losing Posey made them a little weaker on defense but for the simple fact of having Kevin Garnett as their "chief of defense", makes them able to make it up for Posey's departure, KG has the ability to make everybody around him better and most important , turn them into defensive players.

Now at home against the Raptors, they showed one of their best weapons, the ability of winning when they look like they are going to lose, as they did in game number 4 of the finals against the Lakers, winning at Los Angeles when everybody thought that the Lakers had that win in the bag after a very strong first half.

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Against Toronto , the Celtics made it clear that if you don’t take them completely out of the game, they can and will as hard as they can try to get the "W" when the loss is almost certain. This is possible because of players like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, especially Pierce that has the ability to get hot in the last quarter, sometimes in the very last 6 or 8 minutes of the game, Toronto saw what he is capable of when he took the last quarter all by himself and gave the Celtics the victory.

Having this power and ability with Pierce makes them dangerous as teams like the Lakers for having Kobe, the Cavaliers because of Lebron and the not so much mentioned Miami Heat with D.Wade ,one of the best closer in the NBA, but the Celtics besides Pierce still have other good weapons in KG , Ray Allen and Rondo, making Pierce better and getting better because of him, can the other teams do the same?


By Joaquim Oliveira
Pro Basketball Fans Boston Celtics Correspondent

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