Quantcast Dallas Mavericks 2009: A look at the Dallas Mavericks off-season


Dallas Mavericks off-season report


For all of you die-hard Laker and Magic fans, I say this to you: enjoy the Finals. All of it, every part of it: Seriously, wake up in the morning and smile, because your favorite basketball team has a chance to win the title. Magic fans; don’t worry about being down 3-1. Plan your day around Sunday night’s tip-off. Have friends over and barbeque. Laker fans; bask in the greatness that is Kobe Bryant and passionately root for your team to win two more games and capture the title. Use your southern California money and go crazy. Buy more Laker merchandise than you know is appropriate. Deck out your house. Do it.

I say all of this as a die-hard Mavericks fan who still has not gotten over the collapse in the 2006 NBA Finals, when my boys were up 2-0 and ended up losing four straight games to Dwyane Wade and lead official Bennett Salvadore (don’t get me started). It’s now three years later, and the Mavericks are old, over the cap, the 7 th- or 8 th-best team in the loaded Western Conference, and directionless. Three years later, and kapoot! The team is almost boring.

Dallas Mavericks hats Which brings me to these words of wisdom: enjoy it, because you never know when it might happen again. It might not even happen in your lifetime.

Think about it. There are over thirty teams in the NBA. Only sixteen of those teams make the playoffs, and with the 8 th seed and 7 th seeds almost always losing in the first round, that leaves, figuratively, twelve teams with an optimistic approach in the playoffs. Those teams then have to win four out of seven games, and if your team advances in the first round, you then have to win twelve more games to win the title, usually with at least two of those wins coming in the opponents building, where the refs are ALWAYS going to be more partial to the home team due to crazy, screaming fans.

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For those of us who remember Dirk’s incredible three-point play in Game 7 against San Antonio in 2007, you know that the Mavericks absolutely controlled that game from the start, only to choke away the lead in the fourth quarter and prevail ONLY because of a boneheaded foul by Manu Ginobli. After the game was over, and the Spurs were beaten—we had beaten the Spurs! In San Antonio!—we never really worried about the next round, against Phoenix. And when we advanced to the Finals and destroyed the Heat in the first two games, we decided that the trophy was already ours.

Miami then won four in a row, and the rest is history.

Laker fans, Magic fans—enjoy it. Especially Magic fans, because sorry guys, LeBron is coming back next year pissed off.



By Timothy Glaze
Pro Basketball Fans Dallas Mavericks Correspondent

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