Quantcast Miami Heat 2008: Jermaine O'Neal headed to the Heat?


J.O to Miami. Good thing?


I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the on going Jermaine O'Neal for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks trade rumors that have been floating around. Speculation has went out ever since the rumors started on whether Jermaine O'Neal for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks is really a good trade. What is the Heat really looking for?

To begin with we know that the 2010 off season is a vital part of the Heats future plans. It's the year that Dwyane Wade becomes a free agent and many super stars such as LeBron James,Chris Bosh,Joe Johnson,Paul Pierce,Dirk Nowitzki,Yao,and Amare Stoudemire become free agents. The Heat would like to have a lot of cap space to work with to resign Dwyane Wade and possibly lure in a super star to add to a team that among others will most likely have Wade,Chalmers,Beasley,Haslem,and Daequan Cook still in place. Wouldn't that work perfect with this trade? We would rid our selves of a sparingly used Marcus Banks contract that runs past 2010 and Shawn Marion's expiring contract for Jermaine O'neal's $44,347,500 contract that expires 2010. The Jermaine trade would free up enough to get the cap space to be able to throw a max contract at a super star free agent.

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The Heat also need to find a post presence that can play good defense and take attention off of the Heat's Dwyane Wade. Jermaine fits the bill perfectly. The 6-time all-star has averaged 13.6 points,1.8 blocks,7.2 rebounds,on 47% shooting from the field and 80% from free throw land this year. The main argument is Jermaine O'neal's health. Now understanding that he hasn't exactly been a example of good health, you also need to understand that the Heat are not looking to win the NBA title anytime soon either. They just don't wanna be the laughing stock of the league and they want to keep Wade happy until the 2010 off-season. Jermaine may miss a nice chunk of the season but he can still be a huge presence to the Heat when he is on the floor, sounds like a former Heat player with the same last name. The Heat would most likely still be a playoff team without O'Neal in the roster so even with O'Neal's injuries the Heat will still excel with all the young players on the rise and a team with Dwyane Wade. So if Jermaine is healthy enough to play most of the season and the playoffs we can actually be a contender a plus indeed.

I for one support the trade if Jermaine O'Neal is healthy now. He is not only a great help for the 2010 off-season he is also the post presence that the Heat are in need of. The positives to me surpass his injury problems.I hope that Riley makes the right choice and accepts the trade after a few good games from O'Neal.


By Emmanuel Ogando
Pro Basketball Fans Miami Heat Correspondent

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