Quantcast Miami Heat 2008: Heat fall to Knicks


Miami heats up late in the 4th but the Knicks hold on to win the season opener


As the lights went off and the announcer got up and introduced the Knicks starting line up you could of sensed the nerves picking up, the expectations weighing down and the fears mounting up as the Heat knew that they will soon be called out. Two rookies in the starting line-up, Mario Chalmers (PG) and Michael Beasley (PF) first time since Wade (PG at the time) and Haslem (PF) started on opening night Oct.28th 2003. To make matters even worse there whole starting line-up was completely small with Haslem starting at C for the Heat. From the beginning you saw that the new Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni wasn't gonna take it easy on the Heat he planned on destroying them from the first to last quarter playing a Suns type offense. The Knicks went on to have leads as big as 23 throughout the game as the Heat showed no idea of what they were doing on defense at times allowing Jamal Crawford yet again torch the Heat for 29 pts. In total allowing six players score in double figures and dropping a late Heat rally that saw the lead drop to as much as three points after Daequan Cook caught fire and drained three shots behind the arc.

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The loss spoils Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers debuts and spoils Dwyane Wade's first regular season game since he shut it down the middle of last season for surgery. On the bright side there was many signs of this team just being the product of a rough start, such as the last time the Heat started two rookies on opening night. There was plenty of sparks of greatness and good things to come from our young players. Mario Chalmers went off for 17pts,8ast, and 7reb. while shooting 54% from the field and only causing on turn over. Daequan Cook showed that he has a mean stroke outside and a knack for knocking down big shots during clutch time let loose three long range blows to the Knick's cutting the lead to three points. Udonis Haslem thrived in his role as a big man muscling his way to 23pts. and 10reb. while shooting a ridiculous 71% from the field. Dwyane Wade although he had 26pts, 9ast, and 7reb played not so flash like. He shot only 38%,committed 5 TO's and fouled out letting Crawford run wild on offense. Michael Beasley also struggled to find his shot as he shot 29% from the field for only 9 points and only managed to muscle four rebounds through. Marcus Banks also with a off night shooting 33% but showing some defense hustling for four steals. I'm pretty confident that this is just a rocky start for a season that will be full of surprises and in the end come together and be a respected force in the league. Two of the Heats big three had off nights and a lot of the new/young guys showed that they can play, it just about the ability to find there defensive identity and chemistry. If and when they find that chemistry the Heat will be scary as they saw no problem finding ways to get the ball in the basket. With defensive pests/hustle players like Marion, Banks, Chalmers, Wade, Anthony, and Haslem there is no idea how great the Heat can be once they find there chemistry and learn to play together. I told you guys before it will be a rocky start but as the game showed there is a lot of potential that has still not come out from this team that has an average age of 25.6 years in this world. The sky is the limits for these guys.


By Emmanuel Ogando
Pro Basketball Fans Miami Heat Correspondent

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