Quantcast Miami Heat 2008: Should the Matrix be on the move?


Should the Matrix be on the move?


The question that every Heat fan has been asking and wondering about, should Shawn Marion be on the move? I believe that the Heat and the Matrix should go there own separate ways. Not a knock on his game at all, you can never knock on a guy that can average 18.3 pts.,10.1 rbs.,1.9 stls.,and 1.3 blks per while shooting 48% from the field, shooting 82% from the charity stripe and keep his TO's to a minimum through out his whole 9 year career. He is an all-around beast but he just does not fit well will Wade and Michael Beasley. Although he is great offensively, he still needs someone to set up scoring opportunities for him. In Miami there’s no Nash to set him up for an open shot and he can't create for himself. Especially not with a team that is not even sure of who is gonna end up starting for them during the regular season that is a huge problem. Don't get me wrong he will always put up nice numbers but not nearly nice enough for the contract he's gonna want from the Heat. He also is too much of a run and gun player. Although we have Wade, Banks, and Beasley that can more than likely play that style, most of the Heat's players thrive in the half court. I say trade him while his stock is high we are stacked at the SF position anyways and I'm sure that James Jones can fill in for Shawn Marion as starter.

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There are many teams that would love to add a player like Shawn Marion especially since his contract is up after the season. After watching the Heat in the preseason I am convinced that he looks lost at times, theres no doubt in my mind we would be better off trading him for a decent C and a good SF that can create for himself. Not a huge deal but one that makes sense for us. The Heat is going on a youth movement and I just don't see a 30 player that does not fit into the offense working for us.


By Emmanuel Ogando
Pro Basketball Fans Miami Heat Correspondent

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