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I am blisteringly angry. I am seething.
Basically, I am p***ed Because of the Detroit Pistons basketball team.
Not because of management, not because of the entire team, but because of a few incredibly annoying players.
You could be forgiven for assuming that this will be another article complaining about how the Pistons swapped
Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson and how this was a very foolish move and this is why the team chemistry failed and the team fell.
But I could not be of a more different opinion, if you've read any of my articles on this subject (such as this recent one: http :// bleacherreport .com/articles/108328- detroit -pistons-quietly-getting-stronger ) then you'll know that while the trade maybe wasn't the smartest, it is certainly not Allen Iverson's fault and he is doing his best to get this team on the right track.
No what I am angry about is the outright stupidness of certain players, namely the veterans of the Pistons, Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince.
There ha ve been many rumors about teammates not passing the ball to Iverson as often as others, behind closed door there is apparently arguments going on within the team, and it hasn't been hidden that Michael Curry hasn't been able to keep everyone happy on the team.

CASE IN POINT: When playing against Indiana a few nights ago, the game was tied with 0.7 seconds left on the clock.
With Tayshaun Prince inbounding the ball, Iverson was wide open, and I mean WIDE open at the top of the key.
Instead of making that pass, Prince passed to Rasheed Wallace, who was being-double teamed with his back to the basket.
He only managed to catch the ball with one hand and toss up a useless air ball skyhook .
(You can see that game here: http :// www . youtube .com/watch?v=QGRhdJpB8G4 the play in questions starts at around the 1.48 mark.)


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Ok , fair enough it may ha ve simply been a bad decision by Prince, but if you couple this with the rumors of some Pistons not being happy with Iverson, it raises questions.

While Hamilton and Wallace were out with injuries, the team went 7-1. Since their return, the team has gone on a three-game losing streak.
Yes the winning streak was against the basement teams, but in the losing streak two of the games were against the aforementioned Pacers and the Charlotte Bobcats.
Not exactly top-tier teams are they?

Upon Hamilton's return, it became newsworthy that head coach Michael Curry faced a tough decision about benching either Hamilton or Iverson at the start of the game.
Hamilton flatly refused the move, and it became clear his ego has become far too large. In my other article I explained how Iverson has taken on less of a role in order to help the team. He knows he is not the first option etc and has allowed Rodney Stuckey to shine.
Now if Mr. Allen Iverson, a guy who a few years ago could have been called 'Mr.Ego' has set his own historic scoring average etc aside for the good of the team, I really think Richard Hamilton can too.
Though I've never been a fan of Rip Hamilton, I do respect his game immensely ( Dude was chosen for two of my fantasy teams). He has been one of the most consistent players of the decade and you cannot deny his awesome shooting ability and the way he runs off screens.
But he has been injured for much of the season and has had some truly awful games while averaging 16 points with 3 rebounds and 3 assists a game, and because of this I don't think he should really view himself so highly.
This is the first season in years where you really can't make an argument for his all-star berth
There have been rumours about Hamilton's unhappiness in the current situation. Rip signed an extension the day before the Billups-A.I trade was announced (though the Pistons didn't reveal the information until two days later), and it has been suggested that Hamilton would have never signed the extension if he'd known about the trade.
I understand, Billups and Hamilton were together forever, a brilliant tandem for years, and the best of friends. I would be p***ed too if they traded away my best friend who I worked so well with.
But be p***ed at management Rip, be p***ed at Joe Dumars, not at Allen Iverson. He didn't pull the trigger on the trade.

I implore the Pistons to allow Iverson to become part of the team, like the younger players ha ve , such as Aaron Affalo and Stuckney .
The trade has been made, and there’s no going back now. On paper, the Pistons are still one of the more talented teams in the league.
Are they a 60-win team still? No, but they can contend with any other team if they play right.
When I saw Prince pass to Sheed on that play, I went out of my mind, it was such an annoying, infuriating play, that if I were Michael Curry I would start challenging Sheed on technicals.

That is why I beg Hamilton, Prince, Wallace and anyone else in the organization who is acting this way to let Allen Iverson become part of their team, set their own ego's aside such as Iverson has, and play team ball, something that the Pistons have been famous for years now.

That is why i am so angry with the Detroit Pistons, please, for the sake of your own team; fix it...

...by being a team again.




By Joe Buckley
Pro-Basketball Fans staff-writer

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