Quantcast 2009-2010 NBA: 2010 NBA Dunk Contest


LeBron, Just Dunk It!!


Dr. J did it. Michael Jordan did it. So did Dominique, Kobe and Vince. They all accepted and rose to the challenge. What did they do? They all competed in the All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest.

The dunk contest is one of the most anticipated events of all star weekend and of the NBA season. It has produced some memorable moments that left fans jaws on the floor. It produced moments that made fans jump out of their seat and pinch themselves to see if what they just saw was real or a dream. The dunk contest was an event that fans looked forward to and talked about for days, if not weeks after. It was an event where the stars of the league would perform, entertain and compete and bring smiles to the faces of fans everywhere.

And even after down years, it always seemed that a superstar would rise to the occasion and bring life and excitement back to the event. Michael Jordan and Dominique did it with their unbelievable battles in the late 80s. Vince Carter single handedly resurrected the event in 2000 after years of the contest being won by guys like Harold Miner, Isaiah Rider and Brent Barry. The last few years has produced some memorable moments, but overall the event hasn’t been much to talk about. Dwight Howard brought some superstardom to the event last year but the contest needs one man to perform to bring the event back to the days of Dr. J, Jordan and Nique. The contest needs LeBron.


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LeBron James would bring excitement and energy back to the event. His presence would make the event must see entertainment and the anticipation and excitement for the event would be through the roof. There is only one problem. LeBron is scared. He doesn’t want to be in the slam dunk contest. He is trying to weasel his way around having to ever attempt one dunk in the event. Last year he sat out the dunk contest saying that he was preparing for the 2010 contest. Well, here we are in 2010 and no LeBron. Again he is making excuses. Why? LeBron James is one of the best players in the NBA and defiantly the most recognizable. He has been christened “King James” and the “Chosen One.” He has mostly lived up the enormous hype, but he needs to step up like greats of the past did. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant love a challenge. They wanted to prove they were the best. They participated in the event and won. They weren’t afraid of not winning or looking bad. LeBron seems to be. But he doesn’t need to. He needs to accept his role as one of the top players and get in the contest! Fans want LeBron to dunk, players want LeBron to dunk and deep down LeBron, we all know you want to be out there too.


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By: David Hyland
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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