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NBA Playoffs Predictions


Eastern Conference Quarterfinals:

Cavaliers vs. Bulls (Cavs win 4-1)

Derrick Rose will get one chance to dominate and give his Bulls a victory, but LeBron and the Cavs will prove to just be too strong and deep for Chicago to handle.


Celtics vs. Heat (Celtics win 4-2)

Despite some recent sloppy play, Boston will get on the level of playoff basketball that they are used to and, this time fully healthy, will be able to overcome D-Wade and the Miami Heat in six games.


Hawks vs. Bucks (Hawks win 4-1)

This series will emphasize how important it was for this talented Hawks team to finish ahead of Boston in the standings this year. Atlanta is as hungry as its ever been, and this will not prove to benefit the Bucks in any way. Jamal Crawford will play at a very high level in his first ever playoff series and prove to be the difference between these two teams.


Magic vs. Bobcats (Magic win 4-2)

Jackson and Wallace will lead their Bobcats into a very tough series against Orlando, but they will come out and show that they match up well with the Magic, being able to take a couple of games. However, big Dwight and the extraordinary talent around him will just be too much to handle for Charlotte.


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Cavaliers vs. Celtics (Cavs win 4-3)

In what should be a classic seven-game series, LeBron and the Cavs will take advantage of their home court advantage and sink the Celtics in the final game. Both teams match up extremely well, but the depth of the Cavaliers will prevail once again.


Hawks vs. Magic (Magic win 4-2)

Orlando has managed to be a very good road team again this season, and it will be emphasized once again when they close out the Hawks in Game 6 in Atlanta. Both teams are equally devastating from the perimeter; therefore, Dwight Howard will prove to be the big difference once again.


Eastern Conference Finals:

Cavaliers vs. Magic (Magic win 4-2)

This time of year is usually right around the time that LeBron gets let down, and his team gets outplayed. Despite being a better-than-ever Cavs team, Orlando will show how they are also better than they have ever been and earn their second-straight Finals appearance in a rematch of last year's conference finals.



Western Conference Quarterfinals:

Lakers vs. Thunder (Lakers win 4-1)

Durant and the rest of the Oklahoma City youngsters will be able to grind out an upset victory on their home floor in either Game 3 or Game 4. However, the defending champs will dominate the rest of the time.


Nuggets vs. Jazz (Nuggets win 4-3)

In the most exciting series in the entire first round in this year's NBA Playoffs, Denver will take advantage of the precious home-court advantage they possess to defeat the Jazz in the seventh and final game of the series.


Suns vs. Blazers (Suns win 4-2)

The absence of Brandon Roy officially sealed the deal on Portland's chances at winning this one. The Suns just have too many weapons to deploy over a seven-game series for the Blazers to keep up with, despite the resilience that Portland displayed all year long.


Mavericks vs. Spurs (Mavs win 4-3)

This should be another great first-round series despite everyone's ability to sleep on the Spurs. Duncan and his guys have a lot more depth than last season and will be able to scare the Mavericks this time around. Ultimately, though, Dallas will win the rematch of last year's first-round matchup in seven.



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Lakers vs. Nuggets (Lakers win 4-3)

It is always fun when Kobe leads his men to meet Carmelo and his hungry squad of Nuggets. In another great series, the Lakers' depth will overcome Denver in the final game of the series and leave the Nuggets starving until next year.


Suns vs. Mavericks (Mavs win 4-2)

In another very entertaining series, Dirk and the Mavs will show how much strength and intelligence they have and end Phoenix's season in six games and head to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2006.


Western Conference Finals:

Lakers vs. Mavericks (Mavs win 4-3)

Yes, the Mavericks can shock the world and defeat the Lakers in the WCF to earn their second-ever trip to the NBA Finals. Both teams match up very well, but the combination of a worn-out-by-Denver Lakers team plus the dominant scoring of Dirk and fantastic playmaking of Jason Kidd will pull off the upset.


NBA Finals:

Magic vs. Mavericks (Mavs win 4-2)

In an outstanding Finals series, the Dallas Mavericks prevail to win their first-ever NBA Championship. Guys like Haywood and Dampier can prove to be sufficient handlers of Dwight Howard, while the Magic provide no answer for Dirk Nowitzki. In addition, Shawn Marion and Caron Butler can provide very good perimeter defense on guys like Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. Jason Kidd and so many others will receive their first Championship rings and cap off an outstanding NBA season (one can only hope).


By: Steven Barile
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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