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Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards Recap



Last night, the Chicago Bulls won a 121-119 double-overtime victory on their home floor against the Washington Wizards. It was arguably the most exciting Bulls game of the season with over 30 lead changes throughout the game and saw the stars on both sides perform exceptionally well. Antawn Jamison’s 34 points and 16 rebounds, Caron Butler’s 27-8, and Brendan Haywood’s 16-20 kept the Wizards tight with the Bulls throughout the second half and one overtime. However, these performances were ultimately not enough to overcome budding Bulls superstar Derrick Rose who overcame fairly pedestrian performances by Luol Deng (17-5) and John Salmons (12-8) by putting up a 37-9-6 stat line and essentially carrying his team through the last twenty minutes of the game.


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The game marked an interesting return to Vinny Del Negro’s patented “Rose-ball” style of play where the Bulls line up a weak screen then watch young Derrick drive to the basket or sink an 18 footer while everyone else stands aside and watches. Most notable for adding four new spectators to the United Center crowd (with floor seats no less) it allows Rose to showcase his development but nonetheless represents a momentary step back for a team that had shown offensive balance in winning eight of its last eleven games including a convincing victory in the Boston Garden. With their second major road trip coming up, the Bulls will need to return to a more balanced style of play if they want to capture a couple of road victories and stay in the playoff hunt.



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By: Paul Grossinger
Pro Basketball Fans Chicago Bulls Correspondent

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