Quantcast 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers: Cavs vs Bulls


Getting Past the Bulls, and Beyond



Since the opening game of the playoffs, the one where Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers came out of the gates to roll by the Bulls 96-83, it seems that the Cavs may be having difficulty getting into a rhythm as a squad. In the opening game, Shaq came out with a dominant game as a big man, although his numbers may not show it (12-5-4), but he made key plays down the stretch that required the Bulls to double him. The last 2 games that has been missing. Shaq has put up less than Shaq-like numbers in those games ( 8-7, 4 TO in game 1 and 6-2 on just 2-8 from the field). The Cavs don’t need Shaq to get by the Bulls, but it would be nice for the Cavs to get out of this series 4-1 or at worst 4-2. Right now, no disrespect to the Bulls, the Cavs can beat the Bulls easily. The bulls got some rare performances from Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng. They won’t repeat those performances, especially when the Cavs are 25-6 after a loss. You can expect the Cavs to be locked in and probably once again roll over the Bulls. My prediction Cavs 109 Bulls 94


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Getting out of this series early is vital because the Cavs still need time to mesh together because in a few weeks, when it’s the Celtics and Magic the Cavs play, there will be no excuses. The Celtics and Magic are the East’s last 2 representatives in the Finals. The Celtics won in 2008, and the Magic lost in last years Finals to the LA Lakers. Both of these teams have solid starting lineups, and both of these teams have role players capable of coming out and putting up numbers. The Cavs also have these assets, and even though the chemistry is there, their rhythm on the floor is questionable at times. With all of the additions the Cavs have made since last year (Shaq, AP, JaMoon, Antawn Jamison) there is no reason for Lebron to stand and dribble the ball for 10 seconds and then take a jumper. The ball needs to be moved around to try to catch the opponent out of position. When he holds the ball, he is letting the forwards and center of the opponent get into position for the rebound. Move the ball around, catch a defender out of position, exploit, and build on the exploitation. The Cavs can make shots easily if they stick to their MO, which is defend, create transition baskets, and exploit any mismatches. If the Cavs fail to do this, it’s possible Lebron will take Joakim Noah on a tour of the finer points in Cleveland, a little earlier than he wanted to.




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By: Joe Goodale
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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