Quantcast 2010 NBA Playoffs: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics


Cavs Chatter - No Matter - Mike Brown Must Go

Mike Brown- Defense wins championships, that is the old mantra that critics and coaches alike go by.  It is a myth.  If you score you win.  Mike Brown was a noted defensive specialist but cannot win in the playoffs.  The fact is the Cavaliers should outscore anyone.- Plain and Simple.  If fired New Jersey coach Lawrence Frank was the coach of the Cavs they would still win 60 plus games.  If the 15 win Timberwolves Head Coach Kurt Rambis coached the Cavs they would still win 60 games.  The bottom line is if you, me the coach of a NCAA Division III school coached the Cavs they would still win 60+ games.  Mike Brown never deserved the Head Coaching position (stated by yours truly upon his hiring).  He is Romeo Crennel. Brown’s players showed no heart, no passion as they were defeated soundly on all hustle stats.  Brown is a bloated defensive “expert” who has no clue on the offensive end.  Mike Brown is a lifer as an assistant coach and should be supplanted as such. The bottom line is if you score you win.  Had the Cavs played like their normal selves on the offensive end (how about some adjustments Potato Head!) they would have won the series.  Like Crennel, Brown has no ideal how to motivate his players and make adjustments.  With or without LeBron James this clown has to go.


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LeBron James- James lacked focus and desire throughout the series.  He states he gave 100% but that simply isn’t the case.  James is “new school” where players hug and recruit colleagues to Nike and the like.  The last thing Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan would do is give hugs after a monumental collapse.  They wouldn’t be smiling and hugging or clapping five to the fans.  They would be so pissed that the censors would be in dire straights in fear of “F“ bombs being dropped.  James needs to hate losing too achieve greatness.  Right now he values his business interests and various other hobbies far too much to be a winner.  He needs too hate losing like Kobe does.  So much so that life in general isn’t as good after losing.  LeBron played passive yet again and often looked disinterested.  If he had 45 rebounds it wouldn’t matter, as his scoring is the difference.  James should be ashamed of his leadership and his performance and more importantly his effort and his attitude.  Hurt elbow or not, James should have been leading his teammates and screaming at the like of Mo Williams for his lack of defense and Jamison for his lack of passion.  The bottom line is if LeBron James was totally focused on championships and nothing else, he would have signed an extension mid season to avoid distractions.  Instead he let the drama live which certainly created some discourse during the playoffs.  If he in fact leaves Cleveland, LeBron should be a bigger villain than any that have come through Cleveland- Art Modell included.

Danny Ferry- Ferry has been credited many times for his “strategic” moves.  Yet he didn’t bring Amare Stoudamire nor did he bring leadership.  Ferry has to do much more to bring a title.  The first step is to get rid of the imposter Head Coach Mike Brown.  He needs to bring in elite players and an elite coach who understand what winning is all about.  Ferry—bring a winner to Cleveland-please.

Cleveland fans you have heard it many times before- wait until next year…


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By: Stemavo Rheulus
Pro Basketball Fans Guest Writer

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