Quantcast 2010 Los Angeles Clippers: Clippers fire Head Coach


Mike Dunleavy gives up his seat on the Clipper bench


Mike Dunleavy resigned as Clippers head coach Thursday. Don’t fret Clipperland (I’m still not sure there is one). Dunleavy will keep his title of General Manager for the team. A job he really hasn’t really stunk at. The four-year coaching contract worth $24 million didn’t quite work out as planned for Donald Sterling, though.

Dunleavy lost this team a long time ago. Sterling basically didn’t want to eat his contract, and Dunleavy was essentially a lame duck coach for the past two years. With that sort of confidence behind you, why wouldn’t the team want to hitch onto Dunleavy’s wagon? To say the Clippers have been playing uninspired ball this season would be a more than a fair assessment of their performance so far (see the horrific loss to the more than horrific Nets).

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Say what you want about the guy, Dunleavy didn’t leave the cupboard bare for the Clips. With young players like Gordon, Thornton, and Griffin left on the roster, the future doesn’t look so dark for Los Angeles. If Dunleavy continues to find diamonds in the rough on draft day, look for the Clippers to contend for a playoff berth sooner than later.





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By: Charles Dimino
Pro Basketball Fans Los Angeles Clippers Correspondent
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