Quantcast 2010 Sacramento Kings Basketball: Kings vs 76ers


What does the future hold for the Sacramento Kings?



At 20-39, nothing much for the near future, but there is some promise for the young Kings. With solid cornerstones like Tyreke Evans, and Jason Thompson, Omri Casspi, the re-incarnation of Peja Stojakovic and as of late Spencer Hawes ( he has been showing some promise) the Kings might be ready to compete in a distant future, and not to mention there lottery pick this summer, the path to success is starting to be paved.

With Evans averaging 20-5-5 He seems to be the next megastar the league will see. With Kevin Martin gone, it is obvious the Kings are in need of a sidekick for Evans, sure one of the guys already on the team can step up, but the draft might bring the best chance for that help. Sure if the Kings get lucky and get pick one or two, they should hands down for John Wall or Evan Turner, but being realistic, the next best guy would be another guard. Getting another point guard would be great, giving Evans a break on having to score and handle the ball, and with that being said, Greivis Vasquez floor general for Maryland, might be a great fit. At 6-6, right now in his senior year, he is averaging almost the same as Evans now in the Pros, and once again, if we are being realistic, his average will go down coming in as a pro, but if you add another strong, tall, guard to the Kings roster, how would other teams be able to matchup with this team?

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Kobe and Fisher are getting older as the years go by, Golden State’s young duo, is too small as well is the Clippers Backcourt. LAL won’t change their backcourt much and LAC has theirs locked down for a few years, and although things might change, the Kings will most likely have the biggest upside. So imagine a 6-6 backcourt, with a sharpshooting Casspi on the wing, and a stronger Thompson and more mature Hawes, with Carl Landry and Francisco Garcia coming off the bench, the potential is there.

Let’s remember those times when ARCO arena was sold out, when it was one of the toughest arenas to play in, the fans hated the other team and their loyalty was stronger than any, playoff bound every year. Now take a look at the stands now, empty, sad, and many thoughts of moving the team elsewhere. Well Sacramento, hold your head up, and take a few more hits. Soon, soon, just give the young guys some time to develop, the pieces are there, with a great coach, just let them play and the waiting will prove truly worth it.


By Mynor Rodriguez
Pro Basketball Fans Sacramento Kings Correspondent

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