Quantcast 2010 New York Knicks: The New York Knicks acquire Tracy McGrady


New York’s New Star?



Tracy McGrady sits in the dressing room of Madison square garden but it’s not the dressing room he may be accustom too. This time around the newly acquired guard will be suiting up in the Knicks dressing room and there must be thousands of questions going round in his head. “How will I play?” “Will I get injured?” And “Will New York be a good fit for me?” The answer to all three and many more will become clear in time for now T-Mac just needs to focus on the present and the job at hand. Hopefully Tracy McGrady will be able to put his demons to rest and finish his career on his own terms but after nearly a decade of uncertainty what will the big apple have in store for the former 2 time scoring champion.

All those years ago when Mcgrady started his career along side cousin Vince Carter north of the border for the Toronto Raptors he was full of promise and excitement. Today nothing much has changed. Yes there are subtle differences, he may now be putting on a New York jersey instead of a Rockets one, and yes he looks a little older and wiser, and yes he isn’t going to jump out the gym on every play even though don’t be surprised if he gets himself in a few posters in the next few months. But when you watch T-Mac play you see first hand the excitement that he brings to the game and the potential that he still has. Its not a case of how much better will Tracy McGrady be it’s a case of what hasn’t he shown us yet?


Coach D’Antoni’s 7 second offences and quick tempo may take some getting use to but Tracy McGrady has been with his fair share of coaches and understands what it takes to adapt to a new coaches system.

The biggest question that still remains over Tracy Mcgrady like a dark cloud waiting to burst is his state of health. McGrady’s run in with Houston Coach Rick Adelman regarding his health was very publicised and resulted in Tracy Mcgrady leaving the team and then later being traded. Tracy Mcgrady feels like he’s ready to play and it appears he would rather not play at all than be limited by rotations and coaches. Unfortunately for Mcgrady unless he plays to a standard that we as fans have grown familiar with, he will certainly find himself sat on the sidelines once again. New York Fans are some of the most passionate fans in the league and when you are winning and doing things the New York way then you couldn’t ask for better back up, but put a foot wrong and it could very well spell the end of your night.


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So what exactly will the Knicks be getting for the rest of the season? Well I highly doubt that Mcgrady will be putting up close to his career averages of 22ppg, 6rpg and 5apg but with some time and a lot of support from the franchise Mcgrady may end up putting up solid numbers which could put him back in all star contention.

New York may not even end up being Mcgrady’s home next season but he has made his intentions clear and wishes to stay in the garden even at the expense of a pay cut.

It’s easy to speculate what’s going through the mind of the 7 time All Star but as of today he is a New York Knick and appears to be committed to the cause. All we know for sure is that he says he is ready to play and New York may have just made the best Deadline day deal this season!


By: Matthew Fawcett
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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