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LeFraud James - Why Are We Surprised?



Everyone was surprised by the prima donna, selfish actions of the self proclaimed “King”- looking back there was no reason.  The media whore James drove a Hummer as a student in Akron  which placed his team in the limelight for the wrong reasons and jeopardized their wins and titles.  James and his “loving” mother have acted in this manner throughout his career.  However, up until this point, the diva James has done his best to cover up his true self.

From high school James moved to   Cleveland  where he held the franchise hostage for seven years.  He didn’t sign the long term deal and often turn his head and even stated “the fans are spoiled by his play.”  Not exactly the words you would expect to hear from real champions like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.  Players at their level lived up to the responsibility and pushed their teammates to get better.  Yes, James turned the franchise around and made it legitimate but he did no more with the team than did Brad Daugherty and Mark Price.

James did lead the team to the 2007 NBA Finals, where they were swept by the Spurs, and consecutive seasons with the best record.  Despite that “The Chosen One” couldn’t finish the deal.  Critics often point to the supporting cast, which may be true, but megastars finish the deal.  Stars play their best on the biggest stage or will their way to a win, see Kobe Bryant.  Instead, James preferred to flirt with Jay-Z and various other “stars” and made sure he hugged his opponent and of course threw his dust in the air.  Not exactly the focus and desire of a champion.  When the rubber met the road and his teammates needed a kick, the King was often too soft or maybe he was just overly concerned about who and what his mom was doing.

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In the end- James is a front runner who doesn’t understand the meaning of loyalty or greatness.  He showed no respect by wearing Yankee and Cowboy hats to sporting events in   Cleveland, laughing after losses and “recruiting“other players to his marketing firm.  He seemed more excited about hosting SNL than playing basketball.  James is what he was in high school- an arrogant prick, surrounded by no-name thugs, who will sell himself like an inner city prostitute at a moment’s notice.  The self absorbed James hasn’t changed one bit- he is still a follower with no support structure in place-his father is nowhere to be found and his mom has been trouble throughout - for more information Google Gloria James & Delonte West.  Can he control his mom while with the Heat?  It’s probably a safe bet LeFraud will resemble Tiger Woods more than ever in   Miami.

James’ method of announcing and making the decision proves who he is.  His legacy is lost and he will be the most hated player in the league.  Quite the transformation your Highness, quite the transformation.  In the end, James did nothing for the city of   Cleveland.  Had they not won the lottery and gotten Anthony or Wade, the story would have been the same.  Not only has he broken the hearts of his faithful throng, he did in a way that makes Judas Iscariot look like Mother Teresa.  LeFraud- you are no student of the game-far from it.  The great ones win on their own merit.  Winners don’t chase championships-they earn it…


By Stemavo Rheulus
DFN Sports Staff Writer

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