Quantcast Matt Barnes rattles Kobe's Cage


Matt Barnes literally got in Kobe’s face Sunday


Matt Barnes did his job yesterday.  I mean getting in Kobe Bryant’s head isn’t exactly an easy job, and many a player has failed miserably at it, but Barnes psyched Kobe Bryant right out of his game Sunday.  Sure he faked the ball directly at Kobe’s grill, but you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to Kobe.

Barnes was so effective yesterday that Lamar Odom ended up calling him a “monkey” following the game.  This taught us a couple of things.  It is okay if Lamar Odom refers to Matt Barnes as a “monkey,” and Barnes really got in the Lakers head.

The Magic went on to win yesterday, but that was not the story.  The real story here is that we have an excellent rivalry.  I know this is blasphemy, but it could be even more exciting than the Kobe vs. LeBron finals we have been programmed to be hoping for.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a seven game series for the NBA title that featured Matt Barnes clawing all over Kobe like a wolverine.   That would make for some damn riveting television if you ask me.


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By: Charles Dimino
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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