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Has Chris Bosh Played His Last Game For The Raptors?


So the season finale came and went and who managed to scrape into the all important 8 th seed in the East? It had been a battle all week between Chris Bosh’s Raptors squad and Derrick Rose’s Bulls. In the end after a victory against the Bobcats it was the Chicago Bulls who ended up grabbing their tickets to the playoffs. Which now begs the question, what happened to the Toronto Raptors this season? This question is made much more important when you realise that this summer the franchise player for the Raptors Chris Bosh is going to be a free agent.

If we rewind to last summer the Toronto Raptors had themselves a pretty busy off-season. Not only did the snap up DeMar Derozan in the draft but they also managed to sign Hedo Turkoglu on a big contract after an amazing season helping the Magic reach the NBA finals. So with a talented squad in place and the fact that they where in the East! The Raptors should have made a lot of noise this season right? Wrong! This season has been anything but good for the Toronto fans and players alike. Chris Bosh has publicly called out his teammates on more than one occasion saying they lack passion and don’t play hard. And Hedo Turkoglu has done nothing this season to remind us of the brilliance that he demonstrated throughout last year.

Now if you take all of that into account and the fact that coach Triano has basically been in the hot seat since day one you are looking at a broken franchise.

With free agency round the corner and what promises to be one of the busiest summers in the NBA in the last 10 years. Do the Raptors have anything to offer Chris Bosh?

Toronto Raptors hats Chris Bosh strikes me a loyal guy who would want to work with the Raptors to make them better but after 3 years of doing just that maybe its time that Bosh comes south for next season.

There are a handful of teams that have been rumoured to be a good fit for bosh.

Miami Heat – If the location itself isn’t enough to prompt Chris Bosh to sign then let’s have a look what’s happening on court. If Chris Bosh signs with the Heat it’s more than likely they will retain Dwayne Wade. The Team USA colleagues have both tried to downplay the possibility of working together next season but this dream could soon become reality.

Chicago Bulls – For years the Bulls have been trying to find themselves a low post threat and now that may just happen. With 2 successful seasons under Derrick Rose’s belt and an All Star appearance maybe Chris Bosh can see the potential in moving to the Windy City.

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New Jersey Nets – They have the money but they are along way from having the team. However a few big moves and retaining Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez maybe this could be a playoff team.

New York Knicks – The Knicks have in place the budget to sign a max contract and then some! So will the rebuild of New York be a job Chris Bosh would want?

There are also a few outside bets where he may end up but realistically CB4 will want to remain in the East where he gets an easy ride most nights and doesn’t have to match up in the West with Duncan, Amare, Dirk, Pau, D-West, and many more.

Well one thing is for sure that for the next 2 months Chris Bosh has a lot of time to think about it!


By Matthew Fawcett
Probasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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