Quantcast 2010 NBA: The Guarantee


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When Joe Namath made his famous guarantee before Super Bowl III, he did much more than proclaim that his team would win the Super Bowl. He created a monster that has become a nuisance in sports. He created “the guarantee.”

His guarantee was a bold proclamation that many thought was nonsense. At the time, the NFL was seen as superior the upstart AFL. The previous two seasons, the NFL had come out of the newly formed Super Bowl as the champion. But in 1969, Joe Willie Namath made it clear that the AFL, and especially his New York Jets, were to be taken seriously. So he guaranteed a victory in Super Bowl III and yes, he delivered on it. The victory earned the AFL respect and credibility. It earned Namath a world championship and a spot in NFL history.

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The guarantee was great for Namath, but its been bad for sports fans ever since. Ever since that day, sports fans have had to endure countless guarantees from athletes. But why?! Athletes think these guarantees show confidence and swagger. They show that the athlete believes without a doubt they will win! But shouldn’t a professional athlete think that before every game? Shouldn’t they truly believe they can and will win every game? If so, then why do we need these ridiculous guarantees before meaningless games? An example of this came Monday night.

Charlie Villanueva, of the non-playoff bound Detroit Pistons, guaranteed a win over the sub .500 Toronto Raptors. Not only did he do this on a Monday afternoon, playing for a bad team, in the 81st game of the season, but he did it via TWITTER!!! Great job Charlie! You had the sports world (or at least the nation of Villanueva followers on Twitter) talking about your bold guarantee. (Oh, and Villanueva didn’t come through with his prediction. The Pistons lost by fourteen).



But that is what has become of the “guarantee” in sports. What was once a spontaneous statement by few athletes has now become an overused and misused ploy by athletes to try to look cool and to get their name on Sportscenter. There are countless examples over the years. Chad Johnson guaranteeing a win over a the expansion Houston Texans in 2002. Mo Williams guaranteeing a series win over the Orlando Magic in the 2009 playoffs. Nick Saban guaranteeing that he will be the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. All worthless guarantees and the sports landscape is filled with dozens upon dozens of examples of these guarantees. When are they going to stop? Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. In fact, I’ll say that guarantees will continue to be in sports for years to come. I guarantee it.


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By: David Hyland
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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