Quantcast 2010 Minnesota Timberwolves: Darko Milicic & the T-Wolves


Darko, not so run of the mill?


With the recent addition of Darko Milicic to the Minnesota Timberwolves both Darko and the Timberwolves hope they have taken a massive step forward. In 2003 at the NBA draft Darko Milicic shocked the entire league when he was taken 2 nd overall by the Detroit Pistons ahead of such superstars as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Darko in a few little words uttered by David Stern managed to make the whole NBA and most of the world take notice.

Unfortunately for Milicic he was drafted by a coach who notoriously doesn’t like rookies in Larry Brown and saw little playing time in his first campaign. The only highlight of that first season was when Darko became the youngest player to appear in an NBA Finals when he was 18 years and 356 days old.

After his rookie season questions where being asked and comparisons made between Milicic and former draft flop Kwame Brown, unfair? Maybe as we only managed to catch a glimpse of the Serbian during his first 12 months in the league.

What didn’t help Milicic was that the rest of the 2003 draft class was making major strides in the league and firmly establishing themselves as one of the best draft classes of the last 20 years and maybe of all time.


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The following few seasons it was clear that Detroit didn’t have any plans with Darko Milicic and this resulted in a lot of time sitting on the bench. He was played sparingly when Detroit where either blowing out a team or taking a beating. In the 2005/6 season Darko was only averaging 5.6 mpg until Joe Dumars pulled the trigger on a trade that sent Milicic to Orlando for the remainder of the season. His minutes went up instantly to 20.9 mpg and an improved scoring touch was the result as he went on to average close to 8ppg for the remainder of the season.

After another full season with the magic he then went and joined the Memphis grizzlies and wasn’t able to replicate the stats he put up in the sunshine state. After 2 years at Memphis he was sent to New York and finally after a very short stay with the Knicks he ended up with Minnesota.

The last few years must have been difficult for Milicic and that lead to the revelation that he wants to go back to Europe at the end of the season. Coach Rambis has done nothing but sing the praises of Milicic since his arrival and recently the 7 footer has had a little skip in his step.

In the last few games Milicic was handed an opportunity to start based on the suspension of Al Jefferson for a DUI. In those 2 games Darko clocked good minutes and the court time he has craved for years. His numbers didn’t exactly shout all-star but he did do a respectable job on both ends of the floor and most noticeably on the glass.

It looks like the Timberwolves finally have a player who can compliment the players in the front line and allow Big Al to play with more freedom defensively. Right now Darko Milicic has to be happy with how things have started in Minnesota and if the organisation continues to trust him and allow him to play then he could be cancelling his flight home at the end of the season.


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By: Matthew Fawcett
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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