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Who do the Lakers Want to Meet in the Finals?


After an amazing game 5 win, Lakers are one win away from reaching the finals for the third consecutive time. This has people wondering, who do the Lakers want to play? On one hand, the Celtics have won four of their last five games on the road. On the other hand, Orlando has the most momentum.

With the Eastern Conference Finals going to Boston for game 6 and starting the series with a 3-0 lead before dropping the last 2 games, Boston is trying to avoid being the first NBA team to lose a series after leading 3 games to none. The consensus of NBA analysts believe that game 6 is “game 7” for Boston, because if they lose, they will not be able to go back to Orlando and win an actual game 7 with no momentum. Who will win the series is not the question at hand, but who do the Lakers want to see in the finals that will give them their best chance at winning their franchise’s 16th title, and Kobe Bryant’s fifth.

The answer has been going back-and-forth lately, but right now it is clear that the Lakers should favor a matchup with the Boston Celtics. First and foremost, home-court is extremely important in the playoffs. Lakers have home-court over Boston, but if Orlando makes it then they would have home-court over the Lakers. Boston has played well up to this point, but they are beat-up and out of rhythm right now. With a back injury to Rasheed Wallace and a concussion to Glen David and Marquis Daniels, that eliminates the spark they have had off the bench. Anyone who knows basketball, knows that games are not about talent but about match-ups. Lakers and Boston match up really well. Lamar Odom would be the X-factor of the series, because nobody on the Boston bench can match up with the size and quickness of Lamar.


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Overall, home-court is the main key that the Lakers have been working all year to get. Phil Jackson is 46-0 in series’ where he wins the first game. The Lakers would have a much better chance of winning game 1 at home, as they have won the last 11 consecutive playoff home games. It does not hurt that Boston destroyed the Lakers in the finals in 2008, and Andrew Bynum has already mentioned revenge will feel great. My prediction is Lakers over Celtics in 6 games, and dont forget you heard it here first.


By: Evan Shugerman
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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