Quantcast 2009-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers: Should the Cavs pick up A.I. ?


5 reasons I say yes to Allen Iverson to the Cavaliers


Happy Thanksgiving! As I smell the turkey cooking and I see my family run about the kitchen, trying to get everything together for the feast, there is one thought racing through my mind. That thought is Allen Iverson coming to Cleveland. He is infamous for the “we talkin bout practice”, and the “back injury” that cost him the playoffs last season in Motown, and of course the Memphis Grizzlies departure 5 games in. With that said, I still feel that AI would flourish in the Cleveland Cavaliers rotation and I have 5 reasons why.

5. If LeBron can keep the biggest player in the NBA happy, he should have no problem with one of the smallest.

Look back to Miami and LA with Shaq. In both places, he wasn’t getting enough touches, so he stated. Before he even put a jersey on, he was singing a different tune than he is used to, and that is because he wanted a chance at winning another title, with arguably the best player in the NBA. At 37 he realized that this was probably his last shot at the thumb ring. Now that Allen Iverson is “retired”, he will have some time to think about his legacy, and come to this realization as well. Every big team in the Association has multiple threats. Boston has KG, Pierce, Rondo, and Allen. Orlando has Rashard, Dwight, VC, and Jameer Nelson once he is healthy. LA has Kobe, Ron-Ron, Pau, and Bynum. Then there is Cleveland. Now even though having LeBron is an unfair advantage, they also have Shaq and Mo Williams.

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4. The Cavs have young undersized talent that could learn from AI

The Cavs have Boobie Gibson and Danny Green that are part of the future for the Cavs that could learn a lot from AI’s presence. AI in a small guard who is fearless going to the basket, and did well in his career averaging 27 points a game, at 6 feet tall and 160 lbs.


3. Having him in the lineup will…

Give LeBron some rest that Mike Brown would love to give him. If the Cavs could play LeBron 35 minutes a night, and still win by 20+, the Cavs would be the most feared team in the league. Allen Iverson could defend those pesky 2 guards like Ray Allen and Vince Carter, and since, for some reason Delonte West is not playing much, his (West) defense is going to have to be made up for somewhere.

2. He may be the best, inexpensive option available for the Cavs without gutting the team via trade.

We were talking with Antonio Daniels, that didn’t come to fruition. We wanted Ron Artest, he bolted to LA. Allen Iverson is the best player in the free agency pool that would guarantee come to Cleveland, and he and LeBron could do wonderful things together. LeBron wanted a side kick, give him his sidekick. Sign him for the Bi-Annual exception, and if he doesn’t work out, release him. I don’t think it would come to that, but if it did, so what. Dan Gilbert got his casion’s so he will be able to take a 1.2 mil blow for a chance at a title.

1. Prove to LeBron that we are doing whatever it takes.

We have come up so short in free agency recently and we failed to get Stephen Jackson. We need to prove to our king that we are willing to do whatever it takes to put this team over the top. Fortunately for us, the league is getting injured. KG is slower, Jameer Nelson hurt his knee, Pau’s hammy. My point is, we need to sign him and give the team as much time as possible to mesh, so that when the league is healthy, we will be firing at all cylinders. A lineup with AI would help this team so much, and LeBron is too big of a voice in that locker room to let AI interfere with this team. By signing him, it shows LeBron that we are willing to do what it takes to get this team over the top. Like I mentioned before, LeBron has kept Shaq in line so far, and he could do the same thing to AI. Not to mention, the fact that AI knows offense, something Mike Brown is oblivious to. All things considered, AI could help “win a ring for the king”


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By: Joe Goodale
ProBasketball-fans.com Cleveland Cavaliers Correspondent

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