Quantcast 2011 NBA News: NBA Playoff Preview


The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner!


Yes people, the playoffs are upon us and this season’s western and eastern conference races are very interesting. I am going to sway from the subject for a second and say,” I am so glad to see Derrick Rose be the leading contender for this year’s MVP trophy. He is a great young player that has worked and worked on his game to be where he is right now and he and his team are reaping the benefits. Congrats Derrick!

Ok, on to the topic at hand, the NBA will be as exciting as or probably even more exciting than last season because of the shift of talent this season. You have teams like Miami, which have stacked their team up so much that they tend to struggle sometimes, but right about now they are definitely jelling. Also, in the east there is the new sleeping giant (Knicks). They have as much or more talent than any team in the east, the question is this, “can they blend in together? I’m still not a believer. Of course the Celtics will be in the hunt with a team of veterans that know how to win close games, and the playoffs are usually close games. The Magic and Hawks may get to the second round but they seem to be ok teams in a bad conference.

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The West is unusually filled with some teams that actually win playing 4th quarter lock down defense. At least that’s what I have witnessed this season. The Lakers are a very underrated team defensively, the Spurs have always been a good team defensively and nothing has changed this season, Dallas has quietly learned how to slow teams down in the 4th quarter (I wouldn’t say stopped). The suns still run and gun as do the rest of the west.

The 1st place Spurs will be ready to play come playoff time. Tim Duncan was thought to have to miss more games than just four and has looked good in his return. The Lakers are healthy and poised to defend their title. Whenever you have the “Black Mamba” on your team there is always hope! The Mavericks are playing some of the best basketball I’ve seen them play in years and the Oklahoma City Thunder are a bunch of young, athletic, hungry players trying to prove to everyone that last year’s taste of the playoffs was no fluke.

I can’t wait!




By: Quantell Donigan
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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