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How the NBA MVP does not have to play a game this year



Call me crazy, but I truly believe the most valuable player in the NBA does not have to suit up for his new team once this year. LeBron James can take his talents to south beach, enjoy the scenery, and still should win the MVP. The success or lack of success of his Cleveland Cavaliers truly shows how much he meant to the organization. The Cavs will be the first team in NBA history if they keep up their losing ways to finish with the worst record in the league after leading the league in wins the year before. What makes things worse for Cavs fans is that they have to “witness” the success of LeBron and his new teammates in South Beach. Also for the fans of the Cavs it does not help of the departure of Big Z and the recent injuries of Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao.

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But 17 losses in a row is enough to make the Monday Night Football’s “C’mon man!” The NBA record for consecutive losses also belongs to the Cavs in the 82/83 season, a little before the “King James” era. If the Cavs can pull off seven more loses in a row this prestigious record can belong to them. These remaining seven games will not be against easy foes. Ironically enough, this does include a trip where the Cavs will take their talents to South Beach to play LeBron and the Heat. Most people will make their strong case for DR1 and Amare who both are having stellar years, but if you take them off the teams they do not instantaneously jump into the NBA’s gutter. It also does not hurt the self proclaimed King that he is putting up respectable numbers in Wade County. Although it is not likely, just thought more people should appreciate what LeBron meant to the Cavs and how big of a role he played in their success.


By Steven Goldberg
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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