Quantcast 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls


Miami Take Down Chicago in Five Games to Advance to the NBA Finals


Miami got off to a quick start, but Chicago bounced back as they do so well to outscore the Heat 25-21 in the first quarter. Great penetration from Derrick Rose and a couple of big plays by Luol Deng, including a monster dunk over ‘King James’ had Chicago looking good going into the second quarter.

In a previous article I mentioned that if Chicago wanted any sort of shot at winning this series then Kyle Korver had to step up. He nailed a three with his first shot but didn’t score another one and kind of faded out of the game. A disappointing series for someone who we all know to be a great knock-down shooter.

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Someone tell me…what on earth was going on with Dwayne Wade? Midway through the second quarter, just as Miami were looking to chip away at the 12 point lead that Chicago had built, Wade didn’t seem to be able to stop travelling. Now, maybe there is some kind of a strange link between the foul call and how he has ‘traveled’ to his home town to play in front of his friends and family, I’m not sure. What I do know is that he was not himself and made this game a lot more difficult for Miami. Given all the times he has made the game easier for them, however, I think we can let him off.

The third quarter rolls around. Another flagrant foul by Boozer, another turning point. Same as in the last game. This time the foul sent Lebron to the line and this began a good run for Miami. Taj Gibson then got called for a technical, which sent Miami to the line again. Kirk Thomas added a little spark to the Chicago offence and finished with 8 rebounds and a timely four points to put the Bulls in a more comfortable position. Up by 10 points with 2.30 to go. Safe…right? Wrong.



Wade added a few to take his points total to 21, while Lebron caught fire from behind the arc. This, followed by a four-point play for Wade really closed the gap and left the Bulls stunned. A huge three from Lebron and another jumper had the Heat up by two with seconds remaining and a couple of trips to the free-throw line later and Miami were winning by three.

A slightly shaky performance on the surface, but I got the feeling all along that Miami could get hot at any moment. Players like Lebron, Wade and Bosh have the power to do that. Dallas will surely have a hard time competing with all three of these players in the finals.

All the best from the UK!

Final Score: (MIA) 83 - (CHI) 80


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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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