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Why the Heat Need to Impose a Gag Order amongst "Heat Three Kings"



Would you like to hear the good news or the bad news first as it relates to the Miami Heat?

I'm assuming you probably said bad, but I'm going to lead with the good, since most of you will enjoy it just as much.

Confused? Keep reading.

After putting together an extremely impressive winning streak, especially on the road, the Heat have now lost three straight games. They will host the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night in an attempt to avoid their first four game losing streak since coming together last July.

That, believe it or not, is the good news for Miami.

The bad news is that when they take on the Hawks tonight, they may be extremely undermanned. Dwyane Wade missed practice with a knee injury that he suffered during the team's loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night. That was also the same game that saw Chris Bosh go down with an ankle injury. LeBron James never even suited up for that game, as he was out with an ankle injury as well.

For tonight's contest, Wade is listed as probable, Bosh is doubtful and James is a game time decision. That basically means that one should play, one should not, while the third is a complete and utter question mark where one guess is as good as another.

That all clarifies the talk of the walking wounded. The team is hurting, and although they had been very impressive prior to their recent losing streak, this is a team that could be in great jeopardy come playoff time. Wade, Bosh and James are all logging far too many minutes, and they could undoubtedly wear down as the season progresses. It is hard to blame Coach Erik Spoelstra, however, because he knows that he needs those three on the court in order to win. He also knows that he needs to win in order to keep his job.

Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place.

But those are issues for another day.  Today, I would like to make a suggestion that goes out to all three members of Miami's trio, but most notably Bosh and James.

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All in all, Wade is fairly quiet and reserved. He is the gentleman of the group, and the unspoken leader of the team - both on and off the court. He handles himself well throughout the game, and is just as impressive before and after games. Maybe he could teach Bosh and James to handle themselves in similar fashion.

I am not saying that Bosh and James are talking trash. After all, they are not members of the New York Jets. Deep down, they must know that they have not accomplished absolutely anything as of yet, and need to prove themselves to the rest of the league and win a title or two before they can begin tooting their own horn.

Unfortunately for them, trash talking is not the only type of talking that Miami should shy away from at every opportunity. While the NBA requires players to be available to the media after the game, this team needs to impose some sort of gag order for their best players.

At this point, they have to be smart enough to know that they cannot win. Not when it comes to media attention off the court. It is a complete impossibility. When James talks about anything, including his current or former team and teammates, it is going to be taken in the wrong light. Whether he meant for it to come out like that or not, the media will twist his words. This means that he needs to be more careful in press conferences, but also on Twitter. That has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion. Not in any major trouble, but just more bad publicity.

Anyone who says that there is no such thing as bad publicity has obviously never met anyone on the Miami Heat or in the Favre family. Tell me they would like to opt out of the publicity game from time to time.

Bosh came out after he suffered his injury and said that "You've got to watch people's legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job." That was in reference to when Omer Asik fell on him during Saturday night's loss.

Bulls' coach Tom Thibodeau came out and immediately clarified that he felt there was no intent to injure anyone on the play. "I saw it as a great hustle play," Thibodeau said. "Omer is not that type of guy. He's not going to ever try to take somebody out. He plays hard. He plays clean."

Regardless of how it went down, Bosh has to know that it is going to come off as sour grapes if he says anything at this point that sounds like a complaint or whining. Anything the team says comes off the wrong way this season. That will not change any time soon. If Miami is truly sick of the negative attention, then they need to do something to change everyone's perception.

After all, perception is reality.



By Rob Kelley
Pro Basketball Fans Miami Heat Correspondent
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