Quantcast 2010 Miami Heat Basketball: Who takes the final shot?


Who takes the last shot in Miami?



Who could possibly forget Dwayne Wade’s incredible buzzer beater to defeat the Chicago Bulls in September 2009? The runner from beyond the 3 point line was nothing but net and sent the Heat fans into pandemonium! Wade jumped to the crowd; he wanted everyone to know where they were: “This is my house! This is my house!” That was what he was calling out, and who could argue with him? He is a superstar who loves the franchise and shows it night in and night out. Well now he is not the only superstar in town, so the question is: whose house is it now?

People may think that it doesn’t matter who the main man in Miami is, but I think it’s vital. Who gets the ball when the game is tied with one possession left? Will it be long time hero of Miami natives Dwayne Wade? Or will two-time MVP, LeBron James be holding the ball come crunch time? Let us not forget about the mighty talented Chris Bosh who had that role for a long time in Toronto! These three players are all accustomed to being the leader on their teams and being the ‘go-to-guy.’ So can they all become joint leaders? Or will one player take responsibility?

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T So let us look at some facts about how these superstars perform in the clutch. LeBron James has been trusted to take the game winning shot no less than 50 times in his career and has been successful on 17 occasion; therefore, he shoots a respectable percentage of 34% from the field on game winners. Dwayne Wade has taken 10 less game winning shots in his career and has made 11 of those 40 attempts, so his percentage is a little down on James’ at 27.5%. Finally, Chris Bosh has only shot 8 game winning shots in his career and only made 2 of them! So his percentage is the lowest of all three at a woeful 25%. Overall, for these three premier players, none of them shoot incredible percentages from the field at the end of close and tense games. LeBron, however, seems to have the edge over his teammates going on what the statistics show us; but, will Erik Spoelstra care about what these players have done in their past? That question leads me onto my next point…

Simply put, there might not be one leader of this team next season; there might not be just one player who gets to take the big shot over and over again. For example, Erik Spoelstra may trust whoever has played well on any given night. Whether that be Wade, James, Bosh, or anybody else for that matter. I guarantee that all three superstars want to take the game winner every single night. That is just the nature of these players, as I mentioned they have always been the standout players at their respected teams. Unfortunately, they are all going to have to sacrifice glory. That might mean in some games Wade, Bosh or James will have to stand in the background and let the glory be shared out. But I can also guarantee something else; if the Heat are making those kind of shots and winning those kind of games, then it doesn’t matter who has the ball in their hands or who is receiving the praise, everybody will be happy as long as the franchise is getting the wins!



By George Bowes
Pro Basketball Fans Miami Heat Correspondent

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