Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Charlotte


Lakers Seek Revenge Against Bobcats



The Los Angeles Lakers were still reeling from their defeat against the Bobcats in February but responded with an all star performance to show what an improved team they are from the team that took the trip to Charlotte.

The Lakers have certainly been one of the teams to struggle against the NBA’s newest addition, but with the help and momentum of a 5-game winning streak behind them; they aimed to make the Bobcats the next ‘W’ on their schedule.

Pau Gasol’s no look pass was just the beginning of the night’s antics as far as the Lakers were concerned. Kobe and Andrew Bynum connected on a spectacular ally-oop to increase their lead to 10 points; meanwhile Kobe was working on his own total and had 27 on the game.


Bynum was all over the court offensively and defensively, scoring dunks and then running back to use those huge hands for blocking, getting 6 blocks in total and the result looked all but wrapped up as Shannon Brown scored the back door lob to truly show the Bobcats whose boss.

There has been talk of the Bobcats being without Gerald Wallace and that will certainly have contributed to the overall strength of the Bobcats team but the Lakers had a point to prove and it just wouldn’t be like the Lakers to make that point without outrageous offensive plays. Sure, a win is a win. But this one was personal.

Final Score: (CHA) 84 - (LAL) 92

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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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