Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Hawks


Hawks Hopes Shot Down By Lakers



Wow! The Lakers needed this. After losing three straight and looking nothing short of exhausted in their game against Cleveland, their return to ‘Staples Center’ saw the Lakers take on the Atlanta Hawks.

L.A had a five-day break in order to prepare for this game and it showed in their sharpness and in the way they began the game. This time, it was the Hawks who looked tired while the Lakers went on a 14-0 run late in the second quarter to lead by 29 points, their biggest margin and a margin that the Hawks could never claw back.


Kobe got 20 points and 5 assists while Gasol put up 14 points and 10 rebounds to aid the Lakers in this blow out. Shannon Brown added 15 points off the Laker bench and showed that he can add some spark to both a struggling team and a team that is already in a good position.

The Lakers beat the Hawks on just about every statistic and it showed when it came to the final scoreline. Yet Andrew Bynum still insists that in order to beat the record for last year, the Lakers need to be playing “better basketball”. They advance to 39-19 on the back of their 104-80 win and if the whole team can heed Bynum’s sentiments then no doubt we will see the whole team rally to improve their already respectable record.


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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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