Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Hornets


New Orleans Don’t Have Enough for the Red Hot Lakers


The Lakers really are playing great team basketball at the moment. They have so many different ways to attack a team. Kobe with his accuracy, Gasol with his rebounds, Bynum and Artest with their strength. They all come together to make a very complete package that is able to attack every situation slightly differently, but very effectively.

The Lakers know that the Hornets aren’t the biggest team in the NBA, with players like Chris Paul, so Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest simply use their strength to bowl over them. Kobe had 30 points on the night with Gasol following closely with yet another double-double. He had 23 points and 16 rebounds.

Carl Landry found the basket fairly consistently, notching up 24 points but the main difference in this game was that the Hornets were relying too much on him to carry the scoring total, while the Lakers put on more of a team display.


Bynum had some fouling issues, which led to the Hornet cutting the lead to six points, but he rewarded his coach Phil Jackson, who left him in the game despite accumulating five fouls, by scoring seven points to take the game beyond reach.

A great team effort and a clever, aggressive game plan going in were what led to the sweep over New Orleans. Next, the Lakers will take on Thursday night who they have lost to already this season, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep this win streak going in order to catch up with the San Antonio Spurs.

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Final Score: (NOH) 84 – (LAL) 102


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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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