Quantcast 2011 NBA Western Conference Playoffs: Semifinals - Los Angeles vs Dallas


Mavericks Have Too Much for the Lakers and Advance to 2-0 up in the Series


…In the second quarter, Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson could be seen having an altercation on the sidelines. For me, this altercation sums up the Lakers’ effort in this game. No communication. No trust.

They kept up with Dallas initially and even took the lead in the second quarter, but a couple of HUGE baskets from Tyson Chandler injected Dallas with an energy that the Lakers only wish they had.

The wheels really started to fall off when they began attempting ridiculous amounts of three pointers, none of which even had a chance of going in. Meanwhile, the Mavs were happily running in conservative lay-ups to keep their total ticking over.

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Dallas can be a very methodical team and each player can beat you in a different way. Nowitzki is not just a points scorer. He is consistently an excellent rebounder – he got 24 points and 7 boards. Marion added 14 points and 9 rebounds also. For the Lakers, Bynum had a good game and picked up 18 points and 13 rebounds while Kobe had his standard 23-point game. The difference is, every Maverick scored a minimum of 4 points, while on the Laker side of things, there were 5 players who failed to score more than 6 points. Not good enough at this stage in the season. Not good enough at any stage of the season!



Ron Artest was clearly still thinking back to the Lakers/Mavs game in March when 5 players got ejected when he decided to drag his arm across someone’s face. I don’t even know what happened there, but he had to sit the rest of the game out.

So things start to get a little worrying for the Lakers. 2-0 down is not the end of the world in a best of 7, but they need to pick it up. And fast! They play in Dallas on Friday, so we shall see how L.A. will perform without their home crowd to cheer them on.

All the best from the UK!

Final Score: (LAL) 81 – (DAL) 93


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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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