Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Mavericks


Tensions Mount Between Lakers and Mavs in the Battle for the Second Seed



…And a battle this was. The Lakers came into this game on the back of a seven game winning streak, while the Dallas Mavericks had won five in a row. Both teams showed why they have been doing so well as of late and the game remained close going into the second quarter. By the third, the home team began to increase their lead with pinpoint shooting from Kobe and Gasol who finished with 28 and 20 respectively. Bynum had a great night too, getting himself 18 points on the back of great strength inside the paint.

But, as the game began to slip away from the Mavericks, Jason Terry felt it necessary to bend the rules that make basketball a ‘non contact’ sport and pushed Steve Blake over as he ran towards the basket. Meanwhile, Matt Barnes ran in to shove Terry and then got into it with Brendan Haywood, creating a situation that could only result in the ejection of the four players involved.

Many have spoken about how this kind of thing ruins the game. I am not condoning the use of physical force such as this on the court by any means, but moments of tension will always occur when there is so much at stake. No team wants to lose…ever! And with both of these teams desperately fighting for the win, things are bound to get heated. It’s a fact.


Blake should not have reacted how he did and could probably have avoided being ejected had he simply pleaded his case as opposed to bumping chests with Terry. Although, having stated that these events are bound to happen in high profile games, that is still not an excuse for Terry’s actions towards Blake in the first place. He is a professional player and should behave like one.

After all this drama, the two teams continued to play exciting basketball. Kobe sunk some more impossible shots, Ron Artest flexed his muscles some more and the Mavs failed to continue their winning streak despite Dirk Nowitzki’s 27 points and 13 rebounds. A good performance by the Lakers that has perhaps been somewhat overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the scuffles on the court.

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Final Score: (DAL) 82 – (LAL) 109


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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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