Quantcast 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Basketball: Lakers vs Thunder


Oklahoma Turns on the Jets to Beat the Lakers



After a couple of hard losses at Golden State and Portland, the Los Angeles Lakers needed to get back into their winning ways before the conclusion of the regular season. Russell Westbrook had ideas of his own, however, and managed to rack up 18 first half points in an attempt to take the game away from the Lakers early.

Pau Gasol rallied with some timely momentum plays including an almighty slam dunk, where he seemed to drift through three OKC players to jam it into the basket. Kobe hustled too, making those shots that only he could make, but Kevin Durant was not about to let Kobe steal the limelight in this one. He was shooting from everywhere on the court. The type of shots that when you see the ball go from his hands, you think that it has no chance, and then it sinks. He finished with 31 points and 4 rebounds, as did Kobe.


It was still anyone’s game in the third quarter with both teams matching eachother shot for shot. But in the fourth was really where Durant and Westbrook began to pile on the points and the Lakers could not recover.

A lot of talent on display from both teams made this one a great spectacle, but from a Los Angeles point of view, this is another loss that they do not need with the playoffs looming.

Final Score: (OKC) 120 – (LAL) 106

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By: Tom Greenhalgh
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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