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NBA teams have Christmas wish lists too


It’s almost Christmas, and everywhere you look, children are filling out their Christmas lists for Santa.

But kids are not the only ones who want things for Christmas. In fact, around this time of year, it is not uncommon to see players, executives, and fans of NBA teams dropping an extra buck or two into the Salvation Army buckets in a last-ditch attempt to build up good will so Santa will make their team’s greatest wish come true.

With that being the case, I called in some favors, contacted some sources at the North Pole, and was able to uncover each team’s biggest wish for Santa this year.

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Atlanta Hawks: Some fans in the arena.


Boston Celtics: A chance to replay the fourth quarter of last year’s Finals Game Seven.


Charlotte Bobcats: That Michael Jordan was as good an executive as he was a player.


Chicago Bulls: To finally be out of the shadow of Jordan’s Bulls.


Cleveland Cavaliers: That everything since this past summer has all been a dream.


Dallas Mavericks: For Mark Cuban’s wallet to never run dry.


Denver Nuggets: That Carmelo Anthony enjoyed snowdrifts and cross-country skiing more than anything in the world.


Detroit Pistons: A 24-hour viewing party of old “Bad Boys” games on ESPN Classic for the entire team.


Golden State Warriors: For people to stop trying to find Golden State on a map of the United States.




Houston Rockets: A foot transplant surgery for Yao Ming.


Indiana Pacers: Rik Smits bobblehead night at Conseco Fieldhouse.


Los Angeles Clippers: That Donald Sterling would just go away.


Los Angeles Lakers: For former Lakers coach Pat Riley to gift LeBron James to them once Kobe Bryant retires just as Jerry West did with Pau Gasol.


Memphis Grizzlies: That Hasheem Thabeet could one day reach the rarified status of Matute Bol.


Miami Heat: An appearance on Dr. Phil to work out all their problems.


Milwaukee Bucks: For someone in Milwaukee to care about the Bucks more than the Packers.


Minnesota Timberwolves: That Ricky Rubio will one day play for the T-Wolves.


New Jersey Nets: That they were the Newark Nets instead.


New Orleans Hornets: A ball and chain to keep Chris Paul from leaving in a few years.


New York Knicks: A 1,000-mile restraining order against Isiah Thomas.


Oklahoma City Thunder: That Nenad Krstic doesn’t throw a chair at anyone this season.


Orlando Magic: Vince Carter’s athleticism back.


Philadelphia 76ers: Allen Iverson and a time machine.


Phoenix Suns: A rebound. Just one.


Portland Trail Blazers: Kevin Durant.


Sacramento Kings: That Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson doesn’t attend a game, only to declare the team a disaster area.


San Antonio Spurs: That Tony Parker doesn’t start texting Tim Duncan’s wife.


Toronto Raptors: The “good cable” that Chris Bosh wanted.


Utah Jazz: For John Stockton to challenge Deron Williams to a game of one on one.


Washington Wizards: For Gilbert Arenas to decide against joining the NRA.


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By: Eric Lorenz
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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