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NBA Offseason Losers


As the madness of this summer’s free agency period clears, there is an obvious separation between the teams that struck it rich and the teams that were not so lucky. Some teams lose because they make bonehead moves and others were unfortunately spurned by their superstars. These three teams combine the two ways of losing out this year. This year, the winners won big, which means the losers lost big. Well, two of these teams lost REAL big. Now, let’s break down who the teams were.


  • Cleveland Cavaliers- This is of not Cleveland’s fault. LeBron James treated them like laundry and left them hanging out to dry. They put the future of the franchise in his hands and when he left, he basically crippled them for years to come. This was more than just the loss of a single player; this is pulling the carpet out from under the team. They had to scramble to make some moves to give their team a chance to just compete with the other lower-tiered teams in the NBA. They lost Zydrunas Ilgauskas to the Heat as well, and suddenly the Cavaliers looked like the same team they were before LeBron came to them. The only move of any note they made was acquiring backup PG Ramon Sessions from the Timberwolves, but they had to give up Delonte West! It is hard to blame the Cavs for their failure this summer but that does not exempt them from being #1 on this list. It is going to be a long fall from the top for Cavs fans as they go from the best regular season record and 60-win seasons back-to-back to hoping for 30 wins. That seems like an optimistic number right now. LeBron did everything for this team for seven years; they will really struggle to score, and in that case win, in the League next season.

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  • Toronto Raptors- The Raptors did almost as bad as the Cavs this summer. To start, they lost both Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu (Their two best players). The two of them combined for 36 points and 15 rebounds a game last season. Fortunately, the Raptors received Leandro Barbosa in the deal, but this can hardly make up for the loss of these two players (no matter how poorly Turkoglu played last season). Drafting PF Ed Davis was a good move for them; unfortunately they went on the re-sign Amir Johnson, another PF, for 5 years $34 million. This money should have been spent on another need such as a PG or SF. This team in desperate need of a scoring threat and it looks like they are going to have a rough couple of years. It is going to take some good scouting and use of their next few lottery picks by GM Jerry Colangelo to get this team rebuilt. They will also have to hope DeMar DeRozan develops into more than just an athletic SG who can’t shoot. The Raptors may lose as many as 10 more games next season. They combined the misfortune of losing their best player with a few bonehead moves to come in as the team with the 2 nd worst offseason.




  • Minnesota Timberwolves- Here is another case of a team losing its best player this summer. Another commonality is that this team also made some head scratching moves to follow up their loss. They traded Al Jefferson, who averaged 17 points and 9 rebounds last season, to the Utah Jazz. They received Kosta Koufos and 2 future first round picks (These will probably not even end up being lottery picks) They must have an extremely high opinion of Kevin Love, a good rebounder and a solid player, but not an All-Star, to get rid of Jefferson. Love has some big shoes to fill. One of the worst moves was signing C DarkoMilicic, maybe the biggest draft bust of all time, for 4 years and $20 million. They also signed guard Luke Ridnour for 4 years and $16 million. Are you kidding me?! Milicic and Ridnour for 4 years! Another PG for the same team that drafted Johnny Flynn (who had a solid rookie year with 13.5 ppg and 4.4 apg) last year. Not to mention they took Ricky Rubio (who will stay in Spain at least another year) one pick prior to Flynn. Luckily they traded Ramon Sessions (would have been 4 th PG) and Ryan Hollins to the Cavs in exchange for Delonte West. The problem was they got Sebastian Telfair also. That’s right 4 PGs on a team who’s centers are Darko and Koufos. One of the positive moves they made was drafting Wesley Johnson, versatile scoring swingman from Syracuse, with the 4 th overall pick. They will need Johnson to step into a scoring role soon (like, next season) for them to be able to compete. Another interesting move which could be good for them was trading for Michael Beasley. They gave up two future second round picks for him. He was once the #2 pick after Derrick Rose and they need him to live up to this hype. The T-wolves have a long ways to go in their rebuilding job. They will probably drop 5 more games than they did last year.


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By: Justin Dehm
ProBasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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