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Why the Nets benefited from pulling out of the Carmelo Anthony deal


New Jersey Nets hats Contrary to the belief of many, the New Jersey Nets did benefit from not acquiring Denver Nuggets Forward Carmelo Anthony. Although he has proven himself to be an elite NBA player, he is not the missing link that the Nets need so they can return to the glory days of Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson. The trade that would have shipped Carmelo to New Jersey would have cost the Nets way too much in my opinion. They would be giving up two first round picks, third pick in last year’s draft Derrick Favors, All-Star point guard Devin Harris, sharpshooter Anthony Morrow, and a couple of fillers to make ends meet salary cap wise. Just to break this trade down for the Nets this is way too much for Carmelo and the other veteran players he would have came with him like names such as Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, and Al Harrington. Although this name sounds loaded with star power, in the challenging Eastern Conference I do not see them being any higher than the 5 seed. The only thing this does is draws more attention to them before their big move to Brooklyn, where they will try and rival the Knicks for popularity in the Big Apple.

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All of this trade hype is exactly the attention that new owner Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov wants for the team. His ideal situation is to build not only a dynasty in the NBA, but for him and his players to be worldwide icons. Unfortunately for Mikhail this is not baseball where he can buy his talent but if he is into that, there are a handful of MLB teams who would love to have an owner with his charisma and willingness to win. In conclusion to all my points and the main reason why Nets fans (if there are any out there) should be happy that Carmelo is not part of your organization. He is not a leader and never will be. He is selfish at times, has terrible shot selection, and does not play defense. This will never flourish with a team that is trying to win championships and or any team under Coach Avery Johnson. This is why Denver has not gotten anywhere in the post season, although they made it too the Western Conference Finals it was on the back of a proven leader and winner Chauncey Billups. So in retrospect, Nets fans be happy that A) they do not have Carmelo Anthony and other washed up veterans and B) They are still very far under the cap and they have a young good core group of players that could do damage down the road.


By: Steven Goldberg
Probasketball-fans.com Staff Writer

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