Quantcast 2010 Miami Heat Basketball: Will it work in Miami


Can It Work In Miami, Or Will The Heat Be On?



I can just see some of the generic headlines in Miami already. Will a future TV news or newspaper headline read Threes Company? Or how about the Three Amigos? If everything doesn’t go as planned in Miami, some might be referring to them as the three stooges. Can it work in Miami with Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosch playing together? I have my doubts. I don’t see how three guys who are used to being in the spotlight are going to be able to share one basketball. LeBron was used to having the spotlight on him in Cleveland, Dwayne Wade is used to being the man in Miami, and Chris Bosch was used to receiving all of the accolades in Toronto. I understand that great players have made it work before on Olympic teams, but the Olympics also aren’t an 82 game grind of a schedule. The Olympics are more like a set of pickup games, where big egos can coexist for a little while without being bruised.


I also understand that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have made it work nicely in Boston, but then again, none of those three are constant 30 something or higher point scoring a night, headline-grabbing monsters. Am I supposed to believe that LeBron James is suddenly going to take a back seat to Dwayne Wade in Miami, or that Wade is going to do the same to accompany Lebron? I don’t see that happening, especially when I watched how Wade, Bosch and James have handled things with diva like attitudes in the past. You might be thinking to yourself, “what does he mean by divas?” Let me give you a few examples of some of the more than selfish behavior that I’ve witnessed from all three of them thus far.

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At the end of last season in Cleveland when the Cavaliers were in the playoffs, LeBron James had a less than spectacular game, and the boo birds in Cleveland let him have it. The home fans booed him and deservedly so. He was putting up bad shot after bad shot and not passing the ball, and it appeared that he probably already had his bags packed for Miami and was thinking about free agency. After the game when he met with the Media, King James let loose on the fans in Cleveland. “Obviously I have spoiled the fans in Cleveland with my great play, and I’m not allowed to have a bad game. Does this sound like a diva? I think it does.


Dwayne Wade started playing the “surround me with talent or trade me” card last season, and actually went as far as using his children as free agent bargaining chips. In a quote to the media, he was talking about how his divorced wife lives in Chicago, and playing for the Bulls would be the ideal situation for him, because that way he could be close to his kids. Really? The last time I checked, his ex wife and kids are still in Chicago, but he is in Miami, and was probably planning on being there the whole time.


Chris Bosch actually had a film crew following him around on his circus free agent tour filming a documentary, which he plans on releasing at a later date. No matter what happens in Miami, it will be interesting to watch. If they all had one year deals there I think that might work better, but if they don’t win and win immediately, all hell is going to break loose in Miami, and the heat will be on.



By Pete Monstwillo
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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