Quantcast 2010 New York Knicks: Will Mello sign New York?


Will Carmelo Anthony bring his talents to Broadway?



Could Carmelo Anthony be headed to New York?

His continued apprehension in signing an extension with the Nuggets has left the door open for the New York Knicks to believe just that.

Here we go again Knick fans.

Another year of speculating, of wondering and wishing, but this time it could happen. This time the Knicks could possibly get their guy. Carmelo can opt out of his contract next summer and become a free agent. He has expressed an interest in joining Stoudemire and the Knicks.

The Nuggets have offered him a three-year, $65 million dollar extension, but he has not signed yet. Every day that Carmelo Anthony holds out on signing an extension with the Nuggets, is another day that Knick fans are left dreaming.

“I’m just taking time with it” says Anthony, when asked about his future with the Nuggets. “I have to do what’s best for me and my family.”

A family that now includes a wife, who happens to be a native New Yorker.


Anthony’s hesitation could also have something to do with the uncertainties surrounding the Denver organization, mainly the health of head coach George Karl, who is recovering from throat cancer.

There are also some questions about the depth of their frontline. Nene and Kenyon Martin are both injury prone, and the biggest name that they have signed ironically is ex-Knick, Al Harrington.

Carmelo is familiar with playing in New York, and at the Garden. He played his college ball at Syracuse University, which is just four hours away. As a freshman, he led the Orange to the NCAA championship title.

At 6’8, 228lbs, Carmelo is a clutch player that can shoot the outside shot, put the ball on the floor, and drive to the basket. While he is not known for his defense, he is the type of player that would be a good fit for Mike D’Antoni’s system. One that includes limited defense and a high potent offense.

A tandem of Carmelo and Amar’e would bring the life back into a quiet garden, that hasn’t had this kind of excitement since the days of Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley and John Starks. Stoudemire wasted no time in reaching out to other free agents, especially Anthony.


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“I’ve talked to Carmelo Anthony about coming out here. He is ready to join me.” Said Stoudemire.

With the signing of Amar’e Stoudemire this summer, the Knicks may have finally become attractive to other free agents. It is speculated that Tony Parker may also be interested in coming to the Knicks. Parker is a restricted free agent, which means that San Antonio can match any offer that the Knicks make.

Chris Paul has also shown some interest, but he does not become a free agent until 2012.

Many players over the years have expressed an interest in playing in New York, and never came, instead using the Knicks as a bargaining tool to get more money from their current teams. But the fact that Amar’e Stoudemire has taken a chance on New York, may open the door for more players to come.

It only takes one. New York Knick fans are hoping Carmelo Anthony is that one.



By: Janice Adams
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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