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20 BOLD (and not so bold) First Round Playoff Predictions



It’s almost here! Even after a shortened season it seems like a long time to get to the playoffs. In the East there are a couple of favorites expected to meet in the finals while in the Wild Wild West it’s anyone’s bet. Let’s throw all of our cards on the table and make some predictions.

1. The Philadelphia 76ers steal two games from Chicago. This is not astonishing, but these games will show the holes in a Bulls team that will not be 100% healthy heading into the post season.

2. The San Antonio Spurs will beat the Utah Jazz or Phoenix Suns in four games, maybe five, probably four.

3. The Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder would be the most excitingly anticipated first round match-up to end with the Thunder sweeping in four games.

4. No Dwight Howard, no problem. Well, for the Indiana Pacers that is. Indiana takes out the Orlando Magic in five.

5. Tim Duncan will have a triple double in the first round.

6. Jason Kidd will NOT have a triple double in the first round.

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7. The Miami Heat will beat the New York Knicks in four games, but will LOSE in a later round. To be continued…

8. The Dallas Mavericks will advance out of the first round and eventually play in the Western Conference finals.

9. Drama will follow Meta World Peace and the Los Angeles Lakers right into the round 2.

10. Despite stealing two games from the Bulls, Doug Collins will still find himself on the hot seat as the Philadelphia 76ers head coach.

11. Josh Smith will outplay Kevin Garnett in the Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics series.

12. The Memphis Grizzlies will continue to be referred to as “gritty” right up until they are eliminated in the first round.

13. Dwight Howard will give a controversial statement regarding his coach and/or team ownership.

14. LeBron James will NOT deliver at the end of game three or four and be bailed out by Dwayne Wade.

15. With Amar’e Stoudemire open, Carmelo Anthony will miss an ill-advised buzzer beating three point attempt.

16. During the pre-game, someone will add up the ages of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett.

17. It will probably be Charles Barkley.

18. Mario Chalmers will not be referred to as “the key” for the Miami Heat.

19. Kobe Bryant will take over 70% of all Laker shot attempts in the closing five minutes of EVERY close game.

20. Mark Cuban will give a controversial statement regarding his team and/or Dwight Howard.



By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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