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The Rules of TRADING Andrew Bogut



One of the many rumors floating around the NBA involved the Milwaukee Bucks and oft-injured center, Andrew Bogut. Bogut, has been great for the city of Milwaukee and fans; however, there is a case that he was too risky of an investment because of his injury history. The Bucks organization agreed on Tuesday night, sending Andrew Bogut (and Stephen Jackson) to Golden State in a trade for Monta Ellis (and Ekpe Udoh/Kwame Brown). AUTHOR NOTE: I had initially written the “five rules” prior to the announcement, so let’s use this as a barometer and see how they did.

1. Honesty: “We are a small market and cannot afford to pay a player major dollars if they are not able to perform due to injuries.” No need for cliché “We thought this was the best move” or “Andrew needs a change of scenery”, NO. The truth is the truth. Andrew Bogut has shown great love for the city and fans of Milwaukee, but business is business and honesty is honesty. RESULT: No official quotes, but there has always been a lot of respect for Bogut so let’s hold off and on this one. I suspect the Bucks will send Andrew off with respect.

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2. Whoever trades for Andrew Bogut gets Stephen Jackson. This one is not up for discussion. RESULT: Well Done! Don’t worry Golden State, Jackson isn’t a cancer that will destroy your chemistry, no, he’s a great teammate!

3. Brandon Jennings is NOT actually available. There have been rumors that every player, including Jennings, have been offered or made available for discussions. IF this is true I believe the Bucks organization should have to share their 3-year plan with ALL season ticket holders. I can’t think of any potential trade (considering position, talent, and current salary) where the Bucks come out ahead when Jennings is involved. RESULT: With Ellis paired with Jennings, this sets up a killer backcourt, something for the Bucks to build on. Of course, the trade deadline isn’t over so…fingers crossed.



4. NO damaged goods in return. If you are shipping Bogut off, the Bucks deserve a working piece headed their way. RESULT: Again, getting Ellis in return was huge! Here is a legit starting two guard. They also receive a defensive stopper in the middle in Ekpe Udoh. They also received Kwame Brown, but that was purely for comedic reasons.

5. No Brook Lopez. He is not comparable to Andrew Bogut. FYI: He is DEFINITELY not comparable to Dwight Howard and should no longer be brought up in trade scenarios! RESULT: I repeat, Brook Lopez is DEFINITELY not comparable to any star big man in the NBA!

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By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
David S. Grant is the author of several books. His latest novel, “BLOOD: The New Red” is now available. For more information go to http://www.silverthought.com/blood/ Follow David on Twitter: @david_s_grant

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