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Where do the Bulls go now?



Las Vegas’ odds for the Bulls to win the NBA playoffs were 8/5. And those odds were betting money, until there was a minute and ten seconds left in the fourth quarter during Saturday’s opening series game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Derrick Rose drove the floor and as he came down from his jump stop, he fell deliberately to the floor and grabbed his left knee. Questions can be asked of why Rose was still in the game; the Bulls led 99-87, but let’s look at the bigger picture: do the Bulls remotely have a chance at the NBA championship?

It is still unclear of what the degree of the injury for Rose is, but it is not looking very good. This is the guy who had to miss 27 games during the season due to miscellaneous injuries. This is the guy that won the MVP award just a short season ago. And unfortunately, this is the guy that will cause the Bulls to miss out on the NBA championship.

The Bulls overcame injuries all year long. Be it Rose, Hamilton, Boozer or anyone with a heartbeat on the Bulls’ roster. Heck, it’s probably the reason why the Bulls arguably had the best bench in the entire league. Nothing can cure the lost of your most valuable player in the NBA playoffs though.

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Who can the Bulls turn to in a situation like this? No one has the experience or the talent to take Rose’s workload. But, if there is hope, the Chicago fanbase can put their heart and soul into Richard Hamilton. Averaging 12 points on a short season, he missed 38 games due to injury, Hamilton is the experience that Chicago needed before Rose’s injury, and now will be the leader to what many thought could challenge for the championship. He played on the Pistons in the early to mid 2000’s as they were contenders year in and year out, and he has one of the best pull up jump shots in the NBA. Sure he is pushing his age a little, but experience is experience. If the Bulls even want a sniff at the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, they need to call Richard Hamilton to the scene. The odds were 8/5; they will drop drastically after today. But, if you were to ask the Bulls who managed to have the best record in the East without their star for 27 of those games, they would still tell you those 8/5 odds are worth your money. In this moment though, experience can drive you home, and that hope will have to be put into Richard Hamilton’s hands.




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