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Boston Celtics chances for NBA Finals

Hi readers, in this edition I will be talking about the great win streak that the Celtics have, and their possibilities to win the NBA championship.

The Celtics started this season looking like an old and not prepared team, they lost their first 3 games, and critics started to fall. Some people said that it was Doc Rivers fault, other said (mostly Celtics fans) that it was because of Paul Pierce’s injury, and also a lot of critics felt on Ray Allen, especially that he was old, something that we could see during the season, with Bradley at the SG spot the Celtics are being more effective, if not ask Dwyane Wade and the Heat, who loss by 29 points against the Celtics. Something that I, and a lot of Celtics fan have seen, is that since the NCAA season finished, the Celtics had been better, why I say this? One critic that always felt on Doc Rivers was that he went to every Austin Rivers game, instead of working to get better the Celtics. If you don’t know who Austin Rivers is, he is a 6’5 ex-blue devil guard that recently declared eligible for the NBA draft, and also Doc Rivers’s son.

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When the trade-deadline was approaching, rumors started to say that Danny Ainge was trying to trade Rajon Rondo. If that would happened the Celtics probably would be fighting for the last spot in the EAST , even Doc Rivers said it, “ Everyone is playing good, but a big part of our success is based on how Rondo plays” He have 19 straight games with double-digits in assists, looking for the 20 th against Toronto right now. He already has 7, with eight minutes to play in the second quarter. He is a double-threat, he averages a double-double this season, and I can surely say that if he shoot instead of passing in one-third of his assist, he will probably average more than 10 points, but that what makes the Celtics great, he knows when to shoot, and when to pass, and he can attack the basket aggressively and score with ease.

I think other reason behind this lately Celtics success is Doc Rivers’s leadership and skill to coach, everyone let everything on the court each night, because they want to play for Doc, and if people say that coaches and teams were you play doesn’t make difference, look at Lamar Odom’s case.

When talking about leadership, Paul Pierce’s name comes out loud. I think that his leadership and experience plus the ones from other veterans like Ray Allen are causing the team to use that little amount of gasoline in the tank, and get good results to stay in the first four in the EAST and play their first series in the Garden.


The bench is another factor that have the Celtics in the 4 th sport from the EAST, Brandon Bass and Mikael Pietrus, by the time they were not injured, helped a lot the team, playing defense and knocking easy baskets as well. I am impressed that the Jermaine O’Neal injury has not been a big deal for the Celtics. This last years, they lack of a great C with presence in the post, who can play well at defense and offense, obviously now the only dominant Center on the league is Dwight Howard.

I think that the Celtics don’t have a lot of chances of making it to the finals, but the Celtics fan can still believe, if they manage to play all together, and the bench works hard in each and every game they can. An important thing that Doc Rivers have to manage are the minutes he gives to his veterans, KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen, they need to have energy with the playoffs approaching. The minutes he give them during the playoffs, can also be crucial, in case they needed to play against the Bulls and The Heat, what they probably will do, they have to be rested and ready to play at the highest level.

Finally I want to talk a little about my predictions. I think the Final is going to be either way a young team, right now I see the Heat in the East, because Derrick Rose is not playing very good after his injury. In the west I also see a very young team, the Thunder, young, but great players, and a big presence in the low post, PG spot, and a great SF.

In my next edition, I will probably be talking more in deep about the playoffs, but that is all at this time.



By: Julio Altafulla
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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