Quantcast 2011 NBA News: NBA vetos Chris Paul to Lakers Trade


The Vetoed Lakers/Chris Paul Deal: Winners and Losers edition


The trade was done. The breaking news was shocking. THE NBA HAS VETOED THE LAKERS/ROCKETS/HORNETS CHRIS PAUL TRADE. As we wait for Chris Paul to join the Clippers (or another league) a look at the winners and losers from the fall-out.

WINNER: Dirk Nowitzki

Once the Chris Paul deal was nixed, the Lakers moved into salary dump mode, shipping Lamar Odom off to Dallas. Dirk has a title and now another forward to take on some of the burden. Also, knowing Rick Carlisle I suspect we will see both on the court together often.

LOSER: The Triangle Offense

It was assumed that Phil Jackson’s departure was the end of The Triangle Offense, but this confirms given Odom’s skill set was made for the triangle.

WINNER: Reality Television

L.A., New York, back to L.A. was getting old for the Kardashian family, right? Now they (at least one of them) will move to Dallas where I’m sure big cowboy hats, Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, and many Texas size stereo types will be the norm.

LOSER: Viewers of Reality Television

Cowboy hats and many Texas size stereo types will be the norm.

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WINNER: The New York Knicks

During all the chaos the Knicks picked up a defensive anchor in Tyson Chandler. Initially the Knicks pursued Chandler in hopes to entice Paul. Now it looks like they realize they’ve built themselves a nice core. Well, they still need a point guard so don’t rule out blowing up the whole thing. This is the Knicks after all.

LOSER: Amar’e Stoudemire

If Paul does not go to the Clippers look for his name to again be mentioned as a potential trade chip for landing the New Orleans point guard.

WINNER: New Orleans Bars

Bartenders up and down Bourbon Street get to listen to Chris Paul and fans bitch about the NBA.

LOSER: Boston Bars

Bartenders on the North End have to listen to Rajon Rondo and fans bitch about the Celtics.

WINNER: Miami Heat

David Stern continues to do everything he can to keep the spotlight off the true villains of the NBA.



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