Quantcast 2012 NBA Playoffs: Clippers vs Grizzlies


Did the Clippers Break The Curse?


After a lethargic looking game 6 I felt the keys of the game would come down to composure. Specifically how would the L.A. Clippers handle a hostile game 7 crowd in Memphis? The answer is VERY WELL! My hat is off to Marc Gasol and the physical play of the Grizzlies; however, it wasn't enough. The Clippers matched the Grizzlies in play AND toughness AND kept their composure, something they did not do well in game 6. This isn't said often, but this was a great job of preparation and game plan by Vinny Del Negro. Both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul came out and looked like different players than game 6. Also, the move to go with Kenyon Martin over Griffin in the end was the right move. It's easy to see that now, but a gut decision by Del Negro at the time. Vinny has had a lot of blame when games have gone awry, regardless of fault. It's time to give praise where warranted.

Clippers vs. Spurs next. The pressure is off for L.A. as they will be heavy underdogs...if they can steal one of the first two anything is possible. To Be Continued...

As far as "the curse", that's debatable as to how far they have to go. Ultimately it would mean a championship to reverse the bad fortune of this franchise. They are PROBABLY not there yet, but this was a step in the right direction.




By: David. S. Grant
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer
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