Quantcast 2012 Atlanta Hawks Basketball: Hawks Injury Update


Atlanta Hawks: Dealing with injuries but still flying in NBA Eastern Conference



Atlanta Hawks injuries are currently hampering the Hawks. Joe Johnson who missed the NBA All Star weekend has been hampered by nagging injuries forcing him to sit out once again. Tracy Mc Grady recently injured his knee in the first quarter against the OKC Thunder and Al Horford is still injured from a torn pectoral and is eyeing a return at the end of the season.

Good news Kirk Hinrich has returned to the Hawks line up and Jeff Teague has finally returned to normal. Teague’s production had fallen off with the return of Hinrich but Teague is back to averaging around 15pts a game over his last 5 games.

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Josh Smith has provided a smooth sailing throughout the Hawks injury plagued season stepping up when the Hawks need J-Smoove the most. One consistent theme around Larry Drew’s Atlanta Hawks is the toughness and determination of the team. Winning games while dealing with injuries is difficult during the rigorous task of an 82 (66) game season. It’s easy to lose focus when your All Star leaders are injured and not playing but the Hawks have continued to push through adversity currently sitting at #6 in the Eastern Conference.

Trade rumors are also starting to gather steam in Atlanta with the Hawks over the salary cap of $70.3 million. Hawks might be looking to trim some salaries off of the payroll books. Talks are swirling of the Hawks being interested in Dwight Howard or possibly looking to make a move for Kevin Garnett. The trade deadline is approaching March 15 th and rumor spins involving Joe Johnson for Monta Ellis are circling around a few sports outlets in town. Josh Smith should be safe in a Hawks uniform as teams like the Warriors have found the Hawks unwilling to speak on trade talks regarding the improving Power Forward.



By: Clenaure Carter
Pro Basketball Fans Staff Writer

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