Quantcast 2012 Miami Heat Basketball: Heat vs Bulls


Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat: The Final Two Minutes



ABC game of the week featuring the Chicago Bulls visiting the Miami Heat had a lot of promise. Featuring two of the top teams in the NBA along with past/contending MVPs in LeBron James and Derrick Rose…what else more could you ask for? How about the Miami Heat wearing their evil black home jerseys? Check. Let’s see how this game unfolded from the 2 minute mark with the score of Miami 94, Chicago 86.

1:51 After an offensive rebound James takes an awkward fade away and looks for a foul, instead finds a traveling violation. Up in the executive suite Pat Riley pulls out a Moleskin notebook and makes a note to discuss with the referee after the game.

1:16 After a put back two by Carlos Boozer, Chicago steals the ball, followed by a couple missed attempts and scrambling offensive rebounds until Boozer flips in another bucket. Timeout. 94-90, Miami.

The ABC crew puts up a strange Gregg Popovich quote about marriage and the shortened season. Strange. This is what happens when NBA games run over their allotted two hours.

0:53 James runs down the clock and settles for a long fade away. Really needs to go inside there.

0:49 Derrick Rose drives down, lay-up AND 1! Hits the free throw, 94-93, Rose has 34 points.

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0:27 James again holds the ball, but this time drives and misses. To be fair it looks like he got mugged with a no call. It’s a cloudy day in Miami so maybe the referees forgot where they are. Upstairs the Moleskin notebook is back out.

0:22 Rose drives and draws a questionable foul. For a second I believe I see a Moleskin notebook thrown onto the court, but I’m pretty sure I’m mistaken. Derrick Rose has made all his free throws this game and has NOT missed a 4 th quarter free throw all year. He misses both. M-V-P! M-V-P! Why aren’t the fans chanting this? Oh yeah, forgot about Heat fans.

0:17 James is fouled and misses both of his free throws, the second is a classic brick. Not a good time to be a past MVP during crunch time.

0:15 After the brick, there is confusion on the loose ball and the referees blow the whistle, but don’t have a call to make so they decide to jump the ball at center court. Really! This is ridiculous, it’s time for David Stern to stop harassing the players and go back to harassing the referees. James and Taj Gibson are selected for the jump ball. How they figured whom would jump was probably done by a coin flip. I still can’t believe the officiating crew blew that call.



0:13 Mario Chalmers is fouled and makes his first free throw, missing his second. Boozer rebounds, loses it and then Rose calls a timeout after what appears to be a travel. ALL calls have gone Chicago’s way in the closing minutes. No excuses if they lose this one. 95-93, Miami is still up, but its Bulls ball.

0:02 Rose is caught in the middle of the lane, turns and shoots, the shot is short. Miami wins.

Between the missed free throws, questionable officiating, and the random Gregg Popovich Q & A I’m very confused and may not sleep well tonight. The NBA, it’s FAAAANtastic!




By David Grant
ProBasketball-Fans Staff Writer
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