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Knicks vs. Heat Recap: WHY Amar'e?



The Heat beat the Knicks 104-94 in game two of the playoffs last night. The story was not on the court, but instead, Amar’e Stoudemire smashing a glass covered fire extinguisher, slashing his left hand. The question on everyone’s mind this morning is: WHY? Here are ten possible reasons.

1. Amar’e is upset with his secondary role.

2. He just heard that Whitney Cummings is getting her own talk show on E.

3. Stoudemire smelled smoke and panicked. Turns out it was just smoke from LeBron James cigar.

4. Attempting to transfer the pain from his back to his hand.

5. Just heard confirmation that his “little buddy”, Jeremy Lin, will not be ready for game 3.

6. April is his favorite month, now it’s over!

7. Still upset over the flagrant foul called on Tyson Chandler in game 1.

8. Just heard the New York City forecast is calling for rain. Amar’e hates rain!

9. Upset he forgot to DVR/record the Oklahoma City vs. Dallas game.

10. Was just informed about the New York Jets draft.



By David Grant
ProBasketball-Fans Staff Writer
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